Weezer - The Red Album

Weezer - Weezer

I’m not sure if you have been aware about this, but in the year 2001, a band released an album. But what was special about this band was that it took its name from one of the best bands of the 90s. Back in 1994, Weezer released its Blue Album and later on 96 came Pinkerton, both of them helping define the decade. But in 2001 a band called Weezer released an album named Weezer. Everyone was astonished, this sounded more like a Weezer wannabe, not the real thing.
This year, this band has released its 4th album using Weezer’s name, also called Weezer or The red Album.
This band surely is nothing compared to the old Weezer, but in this album, they seem to be improving. It is one step ahead from 2006 “Make Believe, specially its first side.
“Troublemaker” is catchy and not at all bad, the next two songs are the album’s highlights. The modern epic “The Greatest Man that Ever Lived”, which tries to emulate the “Bohemian Rhapsody / Paranoid Android” formula of dividing the song into parts, ending up with a not at all bad 5:55 minute song.
The lead single “Pork N’ Beans” has become a grower since the first time I heard it. It has a powerful chorus and a very nice video. This could have easily fit on one of the original Weezer’s albums.
“Heart Songs”… I could have written this song, in fact, before the release of the album I had written a similar song, with albums instead, and when I heard this, I realized how silly my song was.
Nobody seems to say anything positive aobut “Everybody Get Dangerous”, and I’m not going to either. This is definitely the worst song on the album, and believe or nor, it sounds as leftovers of Make Believe.
The second side flows without any remarkable positive or negative moments, except for the fact that the other members of the band are now singin, something which is not definitely good. It gives some oxygen to the band, but sounds kinda like Smashmouth. Leave that to Fleetwood Mac and let Rivers sing.
The only highlight of the second side is the closer “The Angel and the One”. There is no doubt some of the deluxe only tracks should have deserve a spot inside the final ten. “Pig” and “The Spider” could have been there instead of “Everybody Get Dangerous” or “Automatic”.
The best we can say, is that this is a step ahead from Make Believe, but there is still a long way in order to regain the lost honor, and once again deserve to be called Weezer.


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