Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2009

Wii!! 2010

New Year is always a mix bag of emotions to me. Negative part comes from the part of looking back at my year goals set at the beggining of such. I mainly forget most of them, and never do them quite seriously, but my closest friends (Noel & Renee, maybe someone else), know what is that keeps me without sleep every time the year end and I haven't accomplished. That kinda of bring me down, cause it always the same. Anyways, this year I keep it as my main goal, and well, New Year, doesn't only bring depressive reflections, but also new hope, and new chances. Way to go 2010! Happy Year to everyone of you!

Most Tracked Tracks on Last.fm this Year!

Coup de etats, world cup qualification, for fucks sake! I'm in Finland. What a year, 2009 has been quite a wonderful one, where I have known places and met friends I never would have dreamt about in 2008. I'm always happy with the unpredictability of life, and what can 2010 bring? So I have decided to check my most listened to tracks and artists of 2009, at least the ones Last.fm keeps track of, which is not many considering all I listen on CDs, radio, and of course, my MP3 players.

Most heard Songs:

1. Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (23 times tracked)
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engine

Yep, old song, out of one of my favorite albums, Rumours, which was recorded after 4/5 Fleetwood Mac members broke sentimental relationships with bandmates. It must have been hard to record, but it finally came out as a now classic album. Certainly, the best song on the record has to be Go Your Own Way, the reasons I can state for my favoritism this year, is mainly …

Favorite Albums of 2009

Ok, so I decided to focus mainly on the "Finland Trip" part of my life on my blog, but somehow, I can't let the year go by without listing my favorites and reccomendations from this year 2009. So with no further delay, here they are:

10. Built to Spill - There is no Enemy

Built to Spill have been around for a while, and their 90s record Perfect from Now On and Keep it Like a Secret, are regarded as classics by some, I personally, appreciated their progressiveness, but never quite got Perfect From Now On. However, their late 90s albums and 2000s records have been accused of lacking innovation and being stuck on same old ground. I don't know much about it, but I certainly did enjoy this 2009 record.
Built To Spill - Oh Yeah .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engine

9. Perro del Mar - Love is Not Pop

Love is Not Pop, is indeed an unnusual spot, which I find curious made it into my top 10, since if it wasn't for the Spinner.com Listening Party. Really, who will hear an artist wh…