jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

Wii!! 2010

New Year is always a mix bag of emotions to me. Negative part comes from the part of looking back at my year goals set at the beggining of such. I mainly forget most of them, and never do them quite seriously, but my closest friends (Noel & Renee, maybe someone else), know what is that keeps me without sleep every time the year end and I haven't accomplished. That kinda of bring me down, cause it always the same. Anyways, this year I keep it as my main goal, and well, New Year, doesn't only bring depressive reflections, but also new hope, and new chances. Way to go 2010! Happy Year to everyone of you!

Most Tracked Tracks on Last.fm this Year!

Coup de etats, world cup qualification, for fucks sake! I'm in Finland. What a year, 2009 has been quite a wonderful one, where I have known places and met friends I never would have dreamt about in 2008. I'm always happy with the unpredictability of life, and what can 2010 bring? So I have decided to check my most listened to tracks and artists of 2009, at least the ones Last.fm keeps track of, which is not many considering all I listen on CDs, radio, and of course, my MP3 players.

Most heard Songs:

1. Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (23 times tracked)
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way .mp3
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Yep, old song, out of one of my favorite albums, Rumours, which was recorded after 4/5 Fleetwood Mac members broke sentimental relationships with bandmates. It must have been hard to record, but it finally came out as a now classic album. Certainly, the best song on the record has to be Go Your Own Way, the reasons I can state for my favoritism this year, is mainly because it is the best song I can sing on Guitar Hero World Tour, and because I really relate myself with the lyrics. "If I could, Baby I'd Give You My World, How Can I? When you won't take it from me?". I actually dedicated this to a girl, I no longer cared about when she asked me to burn her a CD with rock music. I told her, "Girl, that's how I used to feel 'bout you".

2. Cafe Tacvba - Y Es Que... (22 times tracked)

The truth is that most things that are so high on the charts, are there because their have been to listeners to the artist. In this case, my brother and me, specially this year he became quite obsessed with Cafe Tacvba. In fact, of the 22 times Last.fm tracked this song, none of them was of my making.

3. Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of (22 times tracked)
Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of .mp3
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There was one reason why Rage Against the Machine was created, and why they created this song. The reason is simply to drop yourself off some tension when you are so annoyed and infuriated against authority. The energy this song transmits perfectly portrays my brother and my anger against the stupid coup de etat, the media reactions and the stupid people who believed them. This is not counting the various times we heard it top volume on my physical CD copy.

4. Tears for Fears - Mad World (21 Times Tracked)
Tears For Fears - Mad World .mp3
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I always invite my brother to watch movies with me, specially when I know they are really good, and that they might be of their interest. Most of the times, he says he is just not up to thinking too much, and in many cases, he has ended up watching the movies when reading some stupid remark on some stupid blog. Such case happend with Donnie Darko, which he claimed to have already seen when I rented it, but somehow, after I saw it, he grabbed it and watch it again and was really happy with it. Specially the final sequence where this song is presented, and which led us to know the Gary Jules cover, but we found the original one, and ended up prefering it, mainly for its weirdness.

5. Manu Chau - Politik Kills (19 times tracked)

Manu Chao - Politik Kills .mp3
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I'm pretty sure I had got this through stereogum, but never paid it much attention, mainly because in the back of my mind laid a memory of an annoying son, "Me Gustas Tu". The mere existence of that song prevents me from enjoying Manu Chau/Mano Negra, but my brother heard it, I believe on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and after the coup, gave it an infinite number of spins. Well, 19.

Favorite Albums of 2009

Ok, so I decided to focus mainly on the "Finland Trip" part of my life on my blog, but somehow, I can't let the year go by without listing my favorites and reccomendations from this year 2009. So with no further delay, here they are:

10. Built to Spill - There is no Enemy

Built to Spill have been around for a while, and their 90s record Perfect from Now On and Keep it Like a Secret, are regarded as classics by some, I personally, appreciated their progressiveness, but never quite got Perfect From Now On. However, their late 90s albums and 2000s records have been accused of lacking innovation and being stuck on same old ground. I don't know much about it, but I certainly did enjoy this 2009 record.
Built To Spill - Oh Yeah .mp3
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9. Perro del Mar - Love is Not Pop

Love is Not Pop, is indeed an unnusual spot, which I find curious made it into my top 10, since if it wasn't for the Spinner.com Listening Party. Really, who will hear an artist who calls herself Dog From the Sea? Anyways, this is certainly a good album, very sentimental, and some jsut might find it very boring if not in the mood.

El Perro Del Mar - Change of Heart .mp3
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8. Yo la Tengo - Popular Songs

Yo La Tengo have also been around for a while, and have already produced albums which have been catalogued as classics. I'm completely unaware of their musical givings, until through Spinner, I discovered Popular Songs, which is their latest studio album, which just happens to sound like a Greatest Hits compilation for its sound diversity.
Yo La Tengo - Here To Fall .mp3
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7. The Antlers - Hospice

Remember The Antlers? When I first heard this, I would have tought it would end up higher in the charts, but however good this album is, it is a hard-listen, depressingly sad, to a point you should have your pack of ice cream nearby when hearing it.

The Antlers - Bear .mp3
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6. Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light

I'm starting to realize 2009 was a depressing year, not because of the lack of good music, but mainly beacuse many of the best albums of this year rely on really sentimental atmospheres and themes. The Crying light probably takes the overall price though, it is so beautifully constructed, it is hard for me to choose one individual song, because the album works better as a whole.
Antony & the Johnsons - Kiss my name .mp3
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5. Bear in Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth

I don't know why, but many people don't like the music site Pitchforkmedia.com, maybe its cause they say they favorite certain bands and genre, I don't know so much about it. Even though they have sometimes rated lower some stuff I actually like, I can't recall once I didn't like their reccommendations. It's not like I follow them all the time, but I did with Beast Rest Mouth Forth, and altough I haven't heard that many times, I found it completely enjoyable and different. Though it got me into thinking if you can still make albums which not only sound good, but also relevant to musical heritage.

Bear In Heaven - Lovesick Teenagers .mp3
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4.Dinosaur Jr. - Farm

Farm was also kept on my favorite spot for quite a while this year. It made me go back to You're Leaving All Over Me, and made me love their debut and be really glad with this, their latest, and second after a comeback. One of the most worthwhile comebacks of the decade. Hope they keep the quality as high on the nearly here decade.

Dinosaur Jr - I Want You To Know .mp3
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3. The Flaming Lips - Embryonic

Flaming Lips had already left their mark on music with The Soft Bulletin in the 90s, they reassured they significance for this decade with Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, but Embryonic, just made them a close trailer to Radiohead as band of the decade. Embryonic is crazy, diverse, enjoyable, and yes! relevant!

Flaming Lips - Watching The Planets .mp3
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2. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion

Releasing their album so early in the year, the collective had set the standards for album of the year really high up. And probably as sound and relevance goes, the AC poppier adventure in MPP should be the best of the year as many music magazines have already ranked, however, this is my chart, and their is one album which made me happier this year.

Animal Collective - 04 Summertime Clothes .mp3
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1. Alice in Chains - Black GIves Way to Blue

I have already made like two entries before, explaining my comtempt at AiC comeback, so I won't take long time praising it. I would be happy enough if you have made it through the end of the list.

Alice in Chains - A Looking In View .mp3
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Well Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! and hope they both brings us great musical satisfaction! :)