Movie Review - Leon, The Professional

This movie uses a technique, which although is constantly used in
Hollywood, it is set fresh on this movie.

Two main characters; whom couldn't be more different from one another.
Leon, a professional hit-man who finds peace on his apartment with his
pet plant. On the other hand, we've got Mathilda, a young girl who
lives trapped inside her own house, with her non-caring parents and
sister, finding her only consolation in her younger brother.

Trouble starts when Mathilda goes out to buy groceries. While she goes
out, a group of drug-dealers make a visit to Mathilda's dad, also a
dealer, to find out he has being stealing some of the merchandise. This
results in the dealers killing everyone in the house. Mathilda returns,
tries to ignore the mess and knocks on Leon's door. He lets her, adopts
her, and they both become all they have in life, but Mathilda is
seeking revenge for her brother's assassination.

So is this a love story? I will say it's inappropriate to call it like
that. Is it a family film? Ignoring all the violence, it might be a
family film. Is it an action movie then? I think it goes way deeper
than that, though the opening and final sequences are worthy of any Die
Hard film.

You would need to watch it yourself in order to draw your own
conclusion on the movie genre. But don't let this intercept with your
movie experience, since this movie is surely worthy of your time.

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