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Y en su ultimo viaje, Diego llego a Honduras

Hace 10 meses, 1 semana y 6 dias que sali de mi casa con direccion a San Pedro Sula, sin estar completamente seguro si el avion partiria o no, por una supuesta huelga de los meteorologos. Finalmente partio, y luego de un dia de viaje, me encontraria empezando mi aventura en el viejo continente. Claro esta, que esto me tomo un dia completo de viajes aereos, pero aun recuerdo que al disfrutar de la buena seleccion de entretenimiento presente en la pantalla individual del avion, pense que esperaria con ansias mi siguiente vuelo transatlantico. El tiempo paso, y en lo menos que me di cuenta, ya me encontraba a bordo de otro avion de British Airways, esta vez con direccion a casa. Este medio de transporte ya no me intimida, ya me es la misma cosa como subirme al tren, otro transporte poco usual atnes de mi viaje.

Pues empeze a escribir esta entreada, sentado en el aeropuerto de La Aurora de Guatemala, un lugar en que realmente no deberia e encontrrme, de no haber sido por la ineficiencia de…

Y Honduras en Sudafrica. . .

Pues primero que todo disculpen por haber dejado aun otro proyecto sin continuar. Me refiero a los analisis de los partidos del mundial, proyecto que no pude continuar debido a que tuve que emprenderme en un viaje a traves del Atlantico. Y es precisamente sobre este que he estado escribiendo en mi diario, y me disponia a compartirlo aca en el blog, pero luego pense, no solo en que este era algo largo de transcribir para mi estado de animo, y en que en realidad no sabia quien podria estar interesado en leer ese tipo de historia. No se preocupen, si estaban interesados, seguramente terminare escribiendolo.

Por ahora no mas me limitare a escribir un reconocimiento, no a aquellos 23 jugadores que se encuentran en Sudafrica, sino a todos los que no lograron viajar. Ya el dia de mañana, muy segyramente se acabara nuestro sueño mundialista. Un sueño que algunos no solo nos vieron en los 8vos de final, sino hasta levantando la Jules Rimet. Afortunadamente (o mas bien, desafortunadamente), la f…

World Cup Analysis Day 4: Japan vs. Cameroon

I started watching this match with a Moroccan friend at his house, when before Japan went up in the score, he said "I really think it's unfair that Asia have so many teams on the World Cup", probably asking more for Africa, since he also believed 3.5 places for CONCACAF was just enough. So I put myself into thinking, how 12 years ago, in 1998, and I guess before that (although I have no memory), Asian teams were nothing but making the WORLD part in FIFA World Cup true. However, after a questionable 2002 tournament in the continent, were Korea achieved a 4th place, not without the help of the refeereing, and Japan went to the second round, Asian teams have begun growing. And by this I'm actually referring to Korea and Japan (with the addition of Australia to their confederation). Last tournament they were not far behind from getting to the second round, and Korea proved on Saturday, that this time they are planning to go through.

So, having seeing their rivals play up …

World Cup Analysis Day 4: Denmark vs. Netherlands

Just the day before the match, I had set into a paper how I believed the World Cup knockout stage would go (surprises included). When I finally got to the final, just Argentina and the Netherlands remained, for a final, not unlike that one of 1978. Today, I was going to see if Netherlands could live up to my expectations, but I missed the first 30 minutes, because I was in a store deciding if I bought a 4€ Tubullar Bells vinyl or not (I didn't). So I watched the last minutes of the first half, and the second half I did watch completely. I watch as the first goal came in, and thought, what an unlucky goal. I thought the match would end that way, and watch as Dirk Kuyt placed it in the back of net. So I can't really say I didn't watch the match, but the boredom of this one was such, that I really don't have much to add, just that this was not the Netherlands who defeated with superiority the reigning champions and runner-ups on the 2008 Switzerland-Austria European Champ…

World Cup Analysis Day 3: Germany vs. Australia

A couple of favorites have played already, and have failed to impress. Had it not being for a referee's mistake on their playoff against Ireland, France might not even be on the competition, however, they are the current runner-ups and have several club figures in their line-up. Thr Gauls opening performance against Uruguay, was not the best, with the game ending up 0-0. But this is exactly how they started last World Cup, and they ended up, barely losing the final against Italy.

Diego Maradona's Argentina might have won the 3 points, but for a team bragging to have the world's number one player, Lionel Messi (among others), the 1-0 victory against Nigeria might not have looked as much, for a country seeking to add a third cup to their palmar. Finally, yesterday evening, England failed to beat the US, and have momentarily given the leadership to Slovenia. Arguably the only favorite for the title playing today, are last cup's hosts and third place, Germany, but ahead of …

World Cup Analysis Day 3: Ghana vs. Serbia

Group G has been called the group of death, and much it comes from the fact that this group includes 5 times world champions Brazil, along with C.Ronaldo's Portugal and Drogba's Ivory Coast, however, the inclusion of almost unknwown North Korea, seems to lower the groups standards, making, in my opinion, Group D the most balanced of them all. Germany is the only clear favorite for taking the top position, but the second ticket to the eights can go to anyone.

Last World Cup qualifciation, Serbia (as Serbia & Montenegro) qualified to the finals, ahead of Spain, but ended up in the "group of death", and were the worst team, statistically of thw whole competition. This time, Serbia again qualified directly, ahead of a top team (France), and plan to have better results. Ghana on the other side, was the only African team to go past the group stage on Germany, only to be defeated by Brazil, in a 3-0 match which many believed, the African team deserved better. This year, …

World Cup Analysis Day 3: Slovenia vs. Argelia

I have the time, I have the words, and I've got the football knowledge, so there is really no reason why not to resume my writing in this blog, by including my "every" match analysis on the World Cup games. I have tried to watch as much minutes as possible, but due to a tight schedule on the first two days of the competition, this is just the second complete match I have seen.

By individual names, the game would make the traffic stop in any other than the playing countries, since none of them feature big star players on their line-ups, but after yesterday's "big ones" drew, this match meant a lot to whomever decided to win this game. It's true that this is just the first match of the group for both teams, but the losing side would have missed the chance to add points, something which seems harder on the upcoming fixtures against England and the USA. So, even though in theory, the game could incline on any side, none of the teams were taking much risks, a…