Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Revisited: Sgt Peppers and the Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Yes, I am a music lover, what they call an audiophile. So about a year ago, on my Christmas vacation to Panama, I chose to give mysled a present, “Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. I can’t say that I’ve read much of this bookduring this year, so I have decided to listen to each of the albums on this list and make a review about each of them. How crazy am I? I don’t think that much, since I predict myself not to surpass album # 10.
So I am bound to start with The Beatles and Sgt. Peppers, a number one position many might disagree. I must start by saying that this is not my favorite album. This is not even my favorite Beatles album. In fact, before this project, I hadn’t been able to carefully fully hear this album .
Rubber Soul influenced Pet Sounds. Pet Sounds influenced Sgt Peppers, and what has Sgt Peppers inspired? Pretty much, everything afterwards.
The moment you see such an elaborate album cove, you know you are up to something special. This photograph of the Beatles with a carton audience of celebrities, ranging from Aleister Crowley to Bob Dylan, showed the world that an album cover can act as an artistic masterpiece of its own.
Even though, as Ive previously said, there are albums that I feel closer to; I must say Sgt. Peppers and the Lonely hearts Club Band, is a musically perfect recording. Each song is palced correctly. The album as whole perfectly portrays the musical kaleidoscope the Beatles’ music had and still has.
With probably the best Ringo Starr’s song, “With a Little Help of my Friends”, the sitar driven Harrison’s “Within You, Without You”, and the most historically outstanding “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and “A Day in the Life”, Sgt Peppers proves that if not a number one, it certainly is in fight for the spot.
Its been more than forty years since the Beatles career’s pea point, and still no other band has been able to take them off as the biggest band ever. The Beatles heritage to music is enormous, and Sgt Peppers with its multi-layered production, dreamy mood and excellent lyrics is just a piece of the pie.


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