Movie Review - Volver

I might not be the right person to point this out, but from what I've read, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar is one of the finest storytellers out there.

Volver is the first Almodovar movie I've watched, as well as his latest release, and I must add it was a nice experience. Most of the performances were good, the cinematography too, but the best is definitely its script.

It is to notice how some of the character's reactions and doings seem unreal and weird, but as the story reaches its revealing ending, all is set clear and we comprehend the whys of the before mentioned reactions.

The story deals, as usual in Pedro's films, with women. Specially women from one family. Raimunda, decently portrayed by Penelope Cruz, Sole, by Carmen Maura, one of the Almodovar's usual cast, and Raimunda's daughter, Paula. They all decide to go visit their aunt Paula, an old woman who lives alone in a remote village, with no company but that of her neighbor Agustina. Yet, aunt Paula acts as if Irene, the sister's mother, was still alive. Irene had died on a fire accident along with her husband.

When aunt Paula dies, all mysteries will start unfolding themselves until the final revelation.

If you have never watch one of Almodovar's movies, this seems to be a good starting point, featuring great cast, story and environment.

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