Movie Review - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail shows to us how thin is the line that divides a movie from being stupid and being genius and a landmark of comedy genre. Even though conservative critics might rather rate negatively a movie featuring coconuts instead of horses, the standard movie-lover will find this as a hilarious chill out.

I haven't watched the other Monty Python movies, but no film I have seen compares to this. Scary Movies may come to mind, but not even the first two are comparable to Monty Python's language and situation gags.

The story is basically that of King Arthur and three of the knights of the round table going through numerous adventures as they seek for the cup from which Jesus drank on the Last Supper.

It is to jot down that this movie contains a lot of language and British humor, which may not be suitable to the audience which finds laughter on stupid falls or hits in the head or other parts.

As a conclusion, I think that although you do not end up liking the movie, you still would appreciate to have seen how a movie with low budget is exactly done.

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