martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Just Hang On

Well, 2010, despite its youngness, it has already brought a couple of casualities in the music world, with indie musician Jay Reatard probably being the most remarkable, other ones include Al Green producer and The Birthday Party. However, none of thsi was shocking for me, since really none of them which caught my attention this year, but a news I received from a friend, about a guy whom I really never met, however I saw him constantly since we shared school for 3 years. Not only his young age surprised me, but the fact that he decided to take his owm life.

Just some days before this unfortunate event, I remember having joked with some friends, that if I died, than I wanted people to leave my facebook so others could come and comment how much they missed me, all these in a sarcastic tone way, however jokingly sarcastic it was, this proved to be just like taht or worse, when on the facebook feedback I read some really disturbing comments on a video about him. Phrases like "Men, if you had problems you should have told me", "I never told you how much of a good friend you were when you were alive" or the most disturbing "I now you will read this where you go", which just brings me to the second point of the discussion. The point where all his friends assume he went to heaven, when according to what he did and to what I have learned, he is probably not. I'm not religious, don't actually believe in any supreme life form, but it is curious the way they think about it. I guess that is the correct way to seen, nobody wants or really even thinks about their dead ones going to hell, a message like "well, I hope it isn't as bad as they paint it" might not be as recomforting as a "he is in a better place". As for me, this are more sociological observations more than religious. I'm very even sad to a point that this person had to take that decision, and an event of this nature, just gets me into thinking about life, the universe and everygthing else.

As for now, I live you with a song R.E.M. made for people who find themselves in trouble situations, though unfortunately it has now become a "break with your lover" song. It might not be the correct place for this remark, but we always thought with my brother, after knowing that same album's Man on the Moon, was the last song Kurt Cobain ever heard, we couldn't helped expressed how he had chosen the incorrect track.

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts .mp3
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lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Album Review - Morrissey - Years of Refusal

Morrissey - Years of Refusal

Just a couple of days ago, the other Honduran volunteer in Finland returned to Honduras. In the short while we got to befriend ourselves, not much, since we lived on opposite sides of Finland, we got to become good friends. In our last discussion, we retook a topic we had actually had on the first day we met. He, a 30 year old guy is famous among the volunteer circle for his successful flirtations, and numerous women he has attracted during his stay in Europe, a trend he had followed for some years before the trip. I find him really similar in that sense to some of my friends, an attitude, than even though it doesn't concern me, if I think too much about it, I certainly despise, however, deep in my heart, there is a male human sense of envy, for their possession of that of which I lack. I think it over and I don't really wish to be like that, and it actually scares me that on the before mentioned conversation, I found myself identified with my friend, when he explained how his teen years were hard in that sense, and how his current lifestyle had been formed by the harshness of life and bad experiences. Why should I be discussing this here? Because after thinking it over, I conclude I don't wanna be like my friend, but I certainly fear to end up on the opposite side, a side which is represented by asexual hero and The Smiths frontman and vocalist, Morrissey, especially when I look back at my lyric books and read some excerpts written after I first met with his band masterpiece, The Queen Is Dead. "I am an unlucky soul, poor attractiveness and too much love" is purely extracted from Morrissey's mind.

But less, about my musical career and more about Moz's one, I will say that his work with The Smiths has set them as one of my favorite bands, and even after the band broke up, he's been having high times, still extracting water from the same old well of uncorresponded love. However universal this topic might be, and how most if not all of us will feel identify with it, only Morrissey has been able to do it over a 30 year career without getting to the point of annoyance or boredom. While his quality has rarely dropped, you still can tell a Smiths song from a Moz solo song, called it his teenage years, or the other musician *cough* Mars *cough*.

Years of Refusal is not the exception, since Morrissey rarely goes astray from the road he has been following for the last years. "Diazepam, tamazepan, lithium" sings Morrissey in Something is Squeezing My Skull, introducing the antagonist anti-depressants in a song where he ends up pleading not to be given anymore. "I can sink much lower than usual, but there's nothing I can do to make you mine" sings the Moz on Black Cloud, featuring Jeff Beck on guitar. And if it is still not clear enough, see how a road accident makes him concluded that "there are things worst in life than never being someone's sweetie" in That's How People Grow Up.

Moz is still doing quite fine in lyrics, he has even make a line like "Why do I smile At people who I'd much rather kick in the eye ?" sound good. Musically however, the album strongest points are the four singles, Last Time I Saw Carol, some nice trumpet addition on One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell, and a powerful chorus on what seems a reprise from Strangeways, Here We Come, Unhappy Birthday. So, Morrissey still hasn't emptied his well, something he eventually will, unless, the final highlight track of the album hints us into a change of inspiration, or a more adventurous release, when Moz concludes "After all these years, I find I'm OK by myself". I wish the best for Morrissey since he has brought so much good music. As for myself, well, I just wish not to hit any of the opposite poles mentioned on this review. Something in between is quite okay.

Morrissey - I'm Okay by Myself

Album Review - Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

Back in 2008 I felt Radiohead had been robbed of the Mercury Prize for the best album of the British Isles, when The Seldom Seen Kid was chosen over In Rainbows, however, I guess that to many that was not surprising, specially if you consider that whoever chooses the albums, ignore to nominate The Bends, and yes, Kid A. You should also note the judges chose New Forms over Ok Computer, Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea over Amnesiac, and Boy in da Corner over Hail to the Thief.

However, I must also add, that when I made the judgement that this was an act of theft, I was still to listen to The Seldom Seen Kid. A truely enjoyable album, which attacks you with mellow vocals, pretentious lyrics that actually work, and great atmosphere and overall musical sound. I ignore completely Elbow's earlier discography, except for a video single I accidentally bought, and although I won't rush to look it up, I believe this band has indeed a lot to give. Even if the vocals are a little limited, after just a pair of listens, I could pretty well remember each of the songs in here. The opening Starlings delivering a killer first line "How dares the Premier ignore my invitations?" and closing with another question "Darling is this love?". Unbelievable, but the song flows perfectly from point A to point C. The Bones of You is another of the album highlights follow by another pair of good songs and An Audience With the Pope featuring a great guitar solo. After another of my album's favorites, Weather to Fly, we might say the album falls a little in quality, but is saved by the best track on the album, One Day Like This, simply pop gold, specially if you like chorus singing the same lyric over and over.

Even if this could have found a perfect spot on the the 90s Britpop movement, it doesn't sound dated. However, I must warn that this is an extremely mellow, soft, low tempo album, perfect is you just want to lay down and hear beautiful musical arrangements, without falling asleep. And yep, In Rainbows is better. But not by much.

Elbow - One Day Like This

Album Review - Cafe Tacuba - Re

Café Tacvba - Re

Sorry I haven't been able to write these days, but I have been kept entertained, so, just for the moment, I'll share with you some album reviews I have made for another website:

As you might have read on my review about Aura, I had planned to submit Re as my album of the week beforehand, considering it to be a safe card, meaning that the majority would like it or at least find it interesting. I ended up choosing CMX's album, but AotW is not gonna miss Re, because dmpulp has gladly offered it to the other range of non-Spanish speakers to listen to. As a consensus, I believe most of the Spanish speaking users would agree that CafeTa, if not the best band in our language, is definitely on the elite, and Re, being its highest point.

Obviously, the greatest achievement of this album was the sound they achieved by mixing traditional and popular mexican rythms, with, well, rock. I've heard on TV they call them the Latin Beatles, and that could be accurate, but as Ezreal noted, if this album has to be compared to something else, it should be London Calling, for its great diversity of sound, from the Norteña/Ranchera anthem of love spite of La Ingrata, to the drum beating of El Borrego, the funniest track on the album, boleros with Esa Noche or the cumbia from El Puñal y El Corazon, just to name a few examples of songs that don't have much in common, however, somehow, it is all kept on the same context, something that could just be accomplished throughout its long running time and twenty songs. And the fact is that none of this songs acts as filler.

Its unfortunate however that non-Spanish speakers might not be familiar with the sounds used here, or that they are mixing clever, sometimes funny lyrics like the beforementioned El Borrego, the anti-migration of La Negrita o El Metro, which takes a little bit of another of Latin America's treasures to the world, magical realism. I can definetely comprehend that non-Spanish speakers are not as caught into this, but for most of us, this is our Revolver, Abbey Road, Ok Computer, this is simply 5 solid gold stars.

Cafe Tacuba - La Ingrata

Get Re and last album of the week Aura at this blog.

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Stupidity Everywhere

I'm so sorry to have to accept that lately my days have been filled by stupidity, from the stupid rules at the place where I'm living (rules which nobody told me about), a guy stealing "my" beer (not all was mine), and an idiot who is watching some stupid finnish show at full volume. Ville, if you read this, lower down the volume please! Fuck, you are not... (this is an example of finnish communication anyways). But really, what really dropped my glass and unleashed in uncontrollable fury, well, actually I'm exagerating. I just happend to hit the TV screen where the picture of Boberto Goriletti appeared. Yep, it was not his picture what really bothered me, I try not to see them, but it was more the news that was accompanying the picture which really bothered me.

I have been trying to avoid getting to political here on my blog, in regards to what happend in my country in June last year, but the fact that now the pseudo congress is deciding to give life salary to Micheletti and his family with full bodyguard included is JUST TOO MUCH. I've clearly seeing everything right now, and the same assholes are gonna be there for the next four years... Really, it is just too much, it kind of makes me comprehend the extremists ideas of just getting rid of all the trash, but well... that's my country...

I live you with a song that I think was made for these moments when you are just feeling angry:

R.A.T.M. - Killing In The Name Of .mp3
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Check these anti-coup cartoon (in spanish)

Album Review - CMX - Aura (RYM AotW)

CMX - Aura

Last year when Onelazycracka started with the album of the week, I managed to get a spot on the second week of November. I had a whole year to think what I could put up for you to bite on. I thought I could go for an average indie album (A Bourgeois Kitten), or focus on representing my geographic or language area. My favorite album for my country is made by a Honduran guy for Hondurans (Hablo Español), than Panama's Cienfue latest was quite good (Macho de Monte Suite), or I could "play safe" by choosing Cafe Tacvba's "Re", which many non-Spanish speakers ignore. However back then I wouldn't have thought I was to spend the second half of the year and the first of the next one in a country in North Europe called Finland.

Music is one of my main interests, and what better way to learn where to go than through the RYM custom charts? Through I got to know the excellent 90s psychodelia of Kingston Wall, and the more Finnish Häntä koipien välissä, which might have been my first choice if I had it in my collection, but I decided to accept the first week of the year, so then I would feel well about making my contribution to the AotW.

I'm not gonna lie, I bought Aura without any previous knowledge of the band, I had not even heard the unfamous Talvikuningas back in 2007 when it beated Radiohead for a month, therefore, this was a hard rock(by this I mean stone) to digest. Now, 6 months into Finland and life in Finland, and some listens to Aura as well as some other Finnish music, and maybe, just maybe, I'm already starting to Finizise myself in the sense I'm really loving this album. Below, I will try to expose the good things that make me like this album, but I must also point out, that those might be utterly unaccountable, and as ESR said on the thread that the reason behind this album's love is the memories associated with them.

As someone else already pointed out, the opening song creates a very nice welcoming and mysterious atmosphere, one which is complete broken down by a nasty, sludgy bass line on sametinpehmeä, accompanied by some can I say uglyly nice or nicely ugly vocal delivery, it might not be lullaby-like, but it fits perfectly, Elokuun kruunu is another good catchy song and the ballad Ruoste is one of the album's highlight, which is instantly contrasted by the rock/tango fusion of Women Dance Tango. But if there is one song that really wins me out, it has to be Kultaamio, specially when it just breaks into the chorus. The last third after this, might lag just a little below the quality level, though it might also just be it is still digesting completely.

Whichever of the two contradicting sides you take, saying Aura is too experimental and senseless, or it is too grungy, and like many other bands, you might have to admit this is not an easy album to digest, and you just might need to give it some more listens, however, when you don't live in the country where it comes, you might need some other motivator to do so.

CMX - Kultanaamio

lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

10 Best Songs from 2010

It was no surprise to me, that the list entries managed to attract more people onto the site. Everybody loves list wether they are about the 10 best songs or the 100 best Friends quotes, see and its full with those. So, having no intention to write and research about anything, and having nothing really interesting to share, I will rely to share this list I had kept for a while and which I actually fixed today.

For a full list of 31 items, click here.

10. Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody

When it comes to fun, dancefloor, radio friendly songs, this takes the cake for 2009.

9. White Lies - To Lose My Life

Little to offer in sound. Take it as good new Interpol song.

8. Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

I currently have Moz's Years of Refusal, haven't heard it, but doubt anything inside will beat this.

7. Animal Collective - Brother Sport

They say the Collective went pop on MPP. Try matching that in weirdness.

6. Alice in Chains - Check My Brain

Have I said how great AiC comeback was?

5. Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You to Know

Good they're around again, and in full-shape.

4. Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

I also like that after so many years Pearl Jam are still around. Their new album for sure contained more rocking songs, but did managed to poke a spot on my heart.

5. Phoenix - 1901

One of the most blogged artists of the year. For good reason, both this and listzomania are extremely catchy.

2. The Antlers - Two

Two is the highlight from a very sentimental album, Two is the summary if not the climax of the album.

1. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

And for the song of the year, I have to give it to this great accomplishment from Grizzly Bear, from an album I found boring and overrated though haven't gave it another try.

Album Review - Neil Young - On the Beach

Sorry for not writing new entries, I've been quite busy this weeekend, I'll try to keep them coming through the week. For now I just leave you with my review for another great Neil Young album:

Neil Young - On the Beach

Three classic albums into Neil Young's career and still no let down. Where "After the Goldrush" attacked us with unforgiveable melancholy, and "Harvest" had a more optimistic approach, "On the Beach" brings also a sense of melancholy, one that is lyrically filled by reflexive, moody songs, which musically, are filled by desolate sounding guitars and gap filling bass. Neil's voice doesn't go to any difficult ranges, but it really doesn't need to.

"Walk On" is a nice introduction into what we are about to experience, specially on the album's highlight, the melancholy-filled "See the Sky About to Rain", and in a similar way, the title track. Some other fans might also add "Ambulance Blues" into the highlight, though the fact is the whole album is pretty consistent.

Calling Neil's albums too sad to listen to, is a commonly made mistake. I hope you are not foolish enough, for these stupid thoughts to lead you into missing one of the greatest, if not the greatest, singer songwriter this world has ever witness.

- See the Sky about to Rain .mp3
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Vampire Weekend - Contra

I remember back in 2008, around April or May, the biggest hype on the internet was Vampire Weekend. The guys from New York, had a nice prep school dressing style, took their name from some old terror movie and had short and catchy songs, which were best represented by the lead single A-Punk. Then they were on David Letterman and even on Saturday Night Live, by then, I had already heard the album and had quite enjoyed it. It ended up on my top 10 of the year, and I will lie if I say I wasn't looking forward for this their sophomore release, which at many times tells if the band will fail or succeed.

Since the first songs emerged on the internet, I mean Horchata, the album seemed to promised being as good as the one before. Cousins kept it quite well, and had a nice video to accompany it. Now, the boys have finally released the full album through their Myspace, and my opinion is quite divided. This is not revolutionary, first album wasn't either. There are some new experiments under trial but the essence is kept the same. The catchy riffs are still there, the vocalizations, specially Ezra Koenig's are still there, the standouts like Cousins are still there, but somehow, this just doesn't do it anymore. It might be like a joke turned old, or maybe some tracks are just not memorable at all, or maybe if I hear the debut, which I haven't done in a while, I will not like it as much. As a summary, the album is quite nice and listenable, but not much else. Where I would have reccomended their eponymous release, I wouldn't give much talk to Contra.

Vampire Weekend - Cousins

Go Back to Those Gold Soundz

Ever wondered why music used to be better years ago? That has a hard answer, but, have you wondered why music still, sometimes, manages to sound good today? That has an answer, and this is, the existence of bands like Pavement on the 90s. When you hear a Pavement album, you realize most of the good music today has taken great influence from this Californian band sound.
Pavemente started back in 1989 in Stockton, California, but they didn't released their debut until 1992's Slanted Enchanted. In 1994, the band released Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, which is, actually, the only of their albums I have carefully heard, however, this proved enough to set Pavement on my top 10 bands of all-time. In 1999, after some dissing with Smashing Pumpkins and a lot of tour, lead singer Stephem Malkmus, decided it was time to give it a rest.
Rumours of their reunion have been circling all over the decade, however, it was not until mid-2009, when it was made official, Pavement would be playing two concerts in 2010. More dates were added later and now they're on a complete tour and working on a new studio album. Hope they will do enough to be on the deserved comebacks, and not on a very filled up list of non-deservable ones.
Latest news was the band were to release a Greatest Hits compilation, "whow buys Greatest Hits these days?" someone noted, but anyways, it is kind of a milestone for a band, and Pavement sure deserve it. The title of the compilation is Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement, scheduled for released this March. Matador, the label to which they have been associated through the years are issuing it, and are running a contest about guessing the tracklisting. Here goes the advertising for this contest:

Here I add the song which is the only one noticed on the tracklisting of the compilation:

Pavement - Gold Soundz .mp3
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Listen to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain here. Too good to be true. Someone wake me up!

Woody Guthrie - Dust Bowl Ballads

Woody Guthrie - Dust Bowl Ballads

In my country we have a major misconception about our big North neighbor (not Guatemala, further up!). Of course, I mean the USA. We believe that over there everything is perfect, like many TV shows have portrayed it that way through the years. That is the main reason why many people from the South risk their lives searching for better opportunities up there. However, the truth is the US does have its issues, a lot, and yes! poverty is among those ones. The fact is that for years noe, though itwas probably different back when this record was made, the mid US states like Oklahoma or Kansas are mainly agricultural, and as The Grapes of Wrath, its movie and this record portray, when banks and landowners took advantage of their positions to drive people out of the lands they had worked, if not owned for years, it must have been total chaos. We can even forget about this, and still, a farmer's life doesn't look any easier. Your work depends on highly unpredictable things as water precipitation, condition of the soil or even crop eating insects from Mars!! Well, not from Mars, but crop eating insects.

The Grapes of Wrath and Dust Bowl Ballads share a common theme, and both of them take it from a similar point of view. What makes these artworks so different is that something that makes them appear scary to us, the audience. The reality and how believable these stories sound, 70 years later, almost breaks my heart in anger at the unfairness in this world.

Musically, the album is just what it could be. Recorded in 1940, the production quality is not exactly top-notch, though some might debate whether that is part of the appeal. Woodie's song's melodies and structure are mostly taken from classic American Folk songs, with adapted lyrics about life in Olkahoma back in those days, and even a two-part song written after watching the movie version of The Grapes of Wrath with Henry Fonda, which an excellent movie and one which you will go to your video rental and borrow it. RIGHT NOW!

If you don't feel like going to the video store right now, you can always try these links.

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New Chili Pepper. Yes, John Left (Again) Last Month

I hope the headline did not surprise you, since it is no secret, that since some months ago, when RHCP finally resumed from the hiatus they had set themselves in after the promotion of their 2006 album Stadium Arcadium, that guitarist and successful solo artist, had split from the band. Frusciante released the critically acclaimed The Empyrean last year, and I would guess (a little lazy to research), that he wants to focus on his solo career. Frusciante was only 17 when he joined the peppers after the death, due to drug abuse of guitarist Hillel Slovak. Frusciante surprised the band members enough to make him part of the gang, and along with him, the band recorded what is considered to be their best record, Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik. Unfortunately Frusciante fell victim to drug consumption and was near a young death. All this is documented on a film, of which I also don't recall the name at the moment. John managed to live through it, and after been clean he rejoined the peppers and made another pretty good albums, 1999s Californication, 2002s By the Way and 2006s double album, the beforementioned Stadium Arcadium, after which, as also told before, the band went into a hiatus. On the course of the last year, bassist Flea (Michael Balzary) was associated in a project with Radiohead's frontman Thom Yorke, and drummer Chad Murray also formed part of the super-group Chickenfoot, with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.
The band are currently recording what would be their 10th album, but since Frusciante made his departure public last December, we didn't know who will fill the spot. Recent news announce that the replacement goes by the name of Josh Klinghoffer, whose CV include working with PJ Harvey and touring with Gnarls Barkley. Unfortunately, however positive I am, RHCP have never made a good album without the help of John and his melody, charisma and back-up vocals is what makes the chili's so special. I predict a near end, though if they keep up, I don't doubt John will rejoin.

W-E A-R-E T-H-E R-O-B-O-T-S-!

If there is people out there, who are expecting me to post things about my life in Finland, well, that's not happening for the moment. Not much happening these days, nothing has happend to the extend I've been feeling a little depressed (maybe that's why I've been writing so much these days), but I don't want to get into that at the moment, cause I actually feel good after having to give chemistry class today, reminded me I'm here for a reason.
Anyways, back on the entries topic. Before coming to Finland, I thought about getting my year supply of albums, I went for some bands I didn't know much about. Among those records I got were the now loved Belle & Sebastian's "If You're Feeling Sinister", Deep Purple's rocking "Machine Head" and Santana's "Abraxas", the last one which I only owned in vinyl format. I'm still to hear some of them, like Buzzcock's "Another Music in Different Kitchen" or Wire's "Pink Flag". But today I'm going to talk about one that I have already heard, and which I instantly loved.
It's not really hard to fall in love with Kraftwerk. Four German dudes whom everywhere you look for, you'll read their name along the phrase "ahead of their time", and this is simply undebatable. If you have also been commiting the sin of nothing hearing them properly, then I reccomend "The Man Machine", from 1978, which along Autobahn, Trans Europe Express and Computer World are considered to be classics and cornerstones of what we know today, 30 years later as electronic music.
Kraftwerk had few peers, and that was very likely because most bands would have feared going into the fields Kraftwerk were aiming, and just considering them as geeks going nowhere.
I believe the whole record is great, and each song has its memorable hook, but if I had to choose some tracks as standouts, it would be "Spacelab", which features what to me, is The Legend of Zelda's main riff, and the robots, which is Krafkwerk's weird experimental sound, at top pop perfection. And it is precisely that song which I would like to share with you today, but hey, the sound has been greatly, really i mean it, greatly improved on last year catalogue reissue. Anyways here's a video of the song, which includes some live-footage of the much loved Kraftwerk robots. 30 years from their heyday, their concerts are still claimed to be the top live music experiences out there. Unfortunately I miss them went they came to Helsinki, i might even had paid the expensive costs of travel

Kraftwerk - The Model (Das Model)

lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Hear New Vampire Weekend!

Time goes fast, or rather the internet makes it even faster. Just some days ago I was babbling about the albums I expected this year. Certainly, I didn't expect to be hearing one of them mere 2 days after writing such entry. Yep, Contra, Vampire Weekend's second album is up for free streaming at the band's Myspace one week before the physical release. Hope you (and I) like it.

I Just Might Pay 10 € for These

Before coming to Finland, well, maybe a year or even more before coming to Finland, I got an interest in cinema. Yep, good movies, whatever I have been made into thinking that might be good, than I got it from the video rental. Be it a friend reccomendation, an IMDB or if it was referenced many times on popular culture, this way I got into watching movies as old as Nosferatu or even Voyeux a la Lune, or however it's written. Also, every now and then, I went to the cinema to watch the hyped movie of the moment, but this was not very usual. Now that I'm in Finland I always get movies either from TV or from the library, which gives free rental, but the cinema? Once I've been there. The reason? It's 10€, that's more than 3 Cinemark entry tickets, plus I've only two cinema rooms in my village, which show one movie a day, which might be changed every week. Also, the only movie I watched was not such a nice experience, since it was Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds", which as you may or may not know, features dialogues in many different languages, ENglish only being one of those.

So, this year, I would have to think twice before going to the cinema, fortunately, there is already a list at Rotten Tomatoes which provides the whole list, but I'll just choose some. Plus after July, HELLO AGAIN HONDURAS!

1. Alice in Wonderland

Johnny Depp's mad hatter is everywhere, so I chose to put another Burton usual Helena Bonham Carter's Queen of Hearts. As you may know, director Tim Burton chose to adapt this Lewis Carrol classic, a story which seems to perfectly fit the style of the director of such movies as The Batman, Edward Scissorhands or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Release Date: March 5, 2010

2. Iron Man 2

Iron Man has been one of the best Super Hero movies ever, not only entertaining, but also loved by critics. Robert Downey Jr. starts again, though Terrence Howard doesn't for expensive, as Tony Stark. Apparently his drink problems begin to show up on this movie, as well as the planned Super HEro mash-up that will be The Avengers. Also in this movie, as you can see in the picture, they will introduce Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow.

3. Robin Hood

Ridley Scott has alraeady brought through the years classics as Alien or Blade Runner. In the latter years, Ridley has also made some movies which I haven't seeing but which are claimed to be good. Such is the case of Gladiator or the recent American Gangster. All these movies gives a good reason to expect much from this adaption of the classic English legend of RObin Hood, with, yes, Russell Crowe.

4. Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

Remember that game you used to play on old computer? Yes, that one when you had to avoid falling into spikes, and sometimes even had to fight some other swordsmen. Well, that franchise was called the Prince of PErsia, and it would probably have been impossible to make a movie out of that, if it weren't for the revival it had on the early 2000's for the XBOX/PS2/NGC generation of consoles, which has already spawned 2 sequels. If this frnachise is good enough, than it might be the Pirates of the Carribbean of this decade.

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

Everybody wondered, with the book story so close to the end, would the Harry Potter franchise just die? What next? Producers might not have found the solution yet, but at least they found a way to think about it for one more year. Yep, they divided last book, which like 300 pages smaller than say, The Order of the Phoenix, into two different movies. I guess fans won't have any problems with these, plus by now, everybody knows the ending.

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2010

I could still talk some more about 2009, best songs, best music videos, best movies, but hell no! I'm not living in the past, so welcome 2010. Today I'll talk as I've done some years before, about the inductees this year of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Some months ago, the organization unveiled some of the candidates to be inducted this year which also included for the first time artists like Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi, Peter Gabriel, Cyndi Lauper, Rush, XTC, Slayer, The Smiths, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Duran Duran, The Cure, Sonic Youth, Billy Idol, The Replacements, Tom Waits, Chicago, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, Judas Priest, Brian Eno, Hall & Oates, Devo, Captain Beefheart, Kraftwek, Black Flag.

The final list was unveiled just some weeks ago and surprised quite a few, when the final choices made by the selectors were as follows:

1. The Stooges

I had actually predicted The Stooges would have been on last year's class, but the selectors had to wait for guitarist Ron Asheton to die on January 2009 for them to induct them. Stooges are currently reunited and will probalby get to play the induction ceremony.

The Stooges - Search And Destroy .mp3
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ABBA where actually out of the nominees list for some years, but this one, they finally made it not only to the nominees list, but to the inductees list. Many will think ABBA is not the exact dictionary definition of Rock N Roll, but performers like Michael Jackson and Madonna have already made it in, so why not the Swedish quartet? Everybody knows that they have been offered millions of money before to reunite and they haven't accepted, they don't really need the money, but Benny Anderson said he wouldn't completely discount a performance, but wanted to talk it over with the rest of the group. "It's 99 against 1 [odds], though."

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All [1980] .mp3
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3. Genesis

You might have noticed Peter Gabriel on the nominees list, well, he didn't make it as a solo artist, but his band Genesis, is getting the recognition it deserves. Before its pop heyday, Genesis used to be one of the lead progressive rock bands with albums like Selling England by the Pound and Foxtrot, and with performances characterized by the singer's weird costumes. PEter left to pursue his solo career and drummer Phil Collins replaced him as singer, and took the band to a more poppy direction. A reunion for the show with Peter Gabriel is likely, although Phil Collins might be physically unable to perform some of the 70s drums, due to recent medical conditions.

Genesis - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight .mp3
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The other 2 artist been inducted are The Hollies which was the band Graham Nas was in and Jimmy Cliff who was responsible for the Reggae Soundtrack of the movie The Harder They Come. Both of them, I donät really know that much, so will rather skip. Rolling Stone has a complete gallery with all the musicians that have been inducted in previous years.