Career Opportunities

Money. Have you thought how awful our society is that you actually need something otherwise meaningless like money to survive. Everything is for sale, you should pay for everything. Should it be this way? Who knows, but its already too late to change the system. Take me for instance. I'm here in Finland, and although it's true, I have food and boarding here, I have paid for this before coming here. At least I don't need to worry about that at this moment. Something less, because otherwise I have a trip to Estonia on mind, pay my last trip to Latvia, and even simple things like bus tickets, post service or even shampoo.

Each month I'm given 85€, which run out faster than you can say "ei mitään!" (nothing), so after seeing things at home aren't specially good to be sending me money I "don't need", than I decided to look for a job. First thing to know was, "Am I allowed to work on this coutnry?", I was not really sure, but after a visit to the work office and the police station, I found out I can perfectly work in Finland although I won't be counted on the unemployed list (remember that in Finland the government pays the unemployed. . .). I ask for help from someone else, mainly becuase one of the main of the many problems I have when looking for a job is that I'm not a full finnish speaker (I'm about to call myself intermmediate), and also because I would just work for 6 months if I were to start on February, which seems very unlikely when all the work available signal June as starting date.

My next choice is to put some kind of add announcing I can give private English or Spanish. Although newspaper alone, I would have to invest around 40€, and not only have I not got that money, but is it worth it? I guess overall I don't have much on what to spend here when I have food and where to sleep, and with some help from my family, I might just be able to pull both the trip already made and the future one into a 2-3 month pocket money (85). Anyways, I'm still unemployed, so if you live in Savonlinna, feel free to ask me ;)

I leave with a song by what to me was the best punk band, maybe because they broke the genre barriers. They were more than a punk band. Of course I'm talking about The Clash:

The Clash - Career Opportunities .mp3
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