5 Misunderstood Love Songs

Now that Valentines is over, and you don't have to worry anymore about what to give that person, or what to write in your letter, you can check in this selection on songs. Because who hasn't thought of dedicating a song or remember somebody when listening to a love song? But sometimes, is it a love song? What? Not?

5. Babybird - Because you're Gorgeous
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Since I've been in Finland, I had heard such an awful song on the radio, which I believed to be a new band. I was surprised that the artist was Babybird a British 1990s band which spent years doing demos, until they finally scored bigtime, with this song reaching number 3 on the British charts. However, this song was not representative of their sound, and future album, although receiving moderately good reviews, failed to sell, which cause the record label to drop them, and the band to split. They have reunited since, but this keeps being their signature sound, and really, I have to admit the catchiness of the chorus, which is likely the source of my hatred, and also of the misinterpretation of it as a love song. So, if your girl is gorgeous, you might nevertheless want to think twice before dedicating this song, which is really, to quote the author "about male photographers who want to use women to sell things using sex."

Remember the boyfriend who dedicated you this song? Well, he's being mountain photographing lately.

4. The Kinks - Lola
The Kinks - Lola .mp3
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I bet you've heard about the first British invasion before, yes, it had to do with those guys who called themselves The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Those two mentioned before are probably the most relevant, but not far behind followed The Who, and well, The Kinks. You may remember The Kinks, fronted by Ray Davies by their song Waterloo Sunset, or You Really Got Me (Yes, same as that Van Halen COVER), but probably one of their most famous song is the one featured here. So before your sweet Dolores hears this coming from your mouth, be aware that that Dolo, might be better meant to a Doloretto.

3. R.E.M. - The One I Love
REM - to the one i love .mp3
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R.E.M. were American critics sweethearts since their debut record Murmur broke into the stores on 1983. However well they were received by critics, the decade of the 80s was considered to be the poorest in terms of mainstream musical quality. Therefore it took 5 albums for this cult band to break the charts with this song, the first one to use the most commonly used word on song titles, "love". This probably mislead many into believing it to be a love song, but a close look at what Michael Stipe is singing, is really cruelly evil. "A simple prop to occupy my time" tells much about the singer's intention with this person, a simple prop, one which he ends up changing by the end of the song.

2. The Police - Every Breathe You Take

Police - Every Breath You Take .mp3
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It's very likely that after so many years of this being released and misunderstood, that it probably shouldn't be here anymore. Anyways, for lack of a better song, and to orientate some girls who still might feel their hearts beat faster with the lines "Baby can't you see, you belong to me". Now picture that guy stalking on your facebook.

Not romantic anymore eh?

Well, yes, as it has been explained before, this song is actually about a stalker, a guy who's determined to check out everything this girl is doing. Not my concept of love, more like obsession.

1. U2 - One (Really, what do you expected?)
U2 - ONE .mp3
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This one I added, because myself have always taken it to be a love song. A song I used to make every girl I was interested to listen to, well, also beacuse One is actually my second favorite song behind "Layla" (followed closely by entry number 3 on this list). However, myth tells that this song was improvised when the band was desperating when beggining their 1991 album "Achtung Baby". To quote Bono, the lyrics "just fell out of the sky, a gift".

Contrary to what you might believe, letters falling from the sky are not always a blessing.

I believe the song could be taken as anything really, though it is supposed to conjure a more globalized human union meaning, and after being told some friends have played this song at their weddings, singer Bono replied "Are you mad? It's about splitting up!"

So next time you're about to give an audio compilation to your girl for Valentine's Day, be sure to read the lyrics carefully, or be sure your girl will not (nevermind, she'll just throw it to the garbage ("Honey, did you hear the mix album?")). But if you are too lazy for reading, you might as well stick to roses.


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