The Best Albums of All-Time Part 6

26. Radiohead - Kid A

Named by numerous sources as the album of the last decade, it was not without its reasons. Radiohead's fourth album expands on a sound which was started on 1997s Ok Computer, and has stayed as a blueprint for a decade of music which had just begun when this was released.

27. The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again

In my world of being a frustrating musician, there is probably not any album which has influenced me more than this one. The music is beyond words, and Morrissey's lyrics and vocal delivery just hit a nerve inside me.

28. THe Doors - The Doors

I can't consider myself a Doors fan, specially since my knowledge goes little beyond this self-titled debut. However, if we were to judge on this album alone, this band has indeed a lot to offer, some nice piano parts, as well as Jim Morrisson's voice which is just haunting.

29. Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Live 1966 - The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert

Bob Dylan created some of the most enduring music albums of history during the first 15 years of his long career, however, this famous "Dylan Goes Electric" presentation was my first live encounter with his music. Not a let down.

30. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

This is just beautiful noise, noise under an almost hypnotic control. This album was meant to be heard at night, alone, in your dark room. Rejoice.


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