Movie Review - Flag of Our Fathers

I often complain how many war movies are out there. Many of them have not manage to be kept in memory, nad the ones that have, are mainly about Vietnam. Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now and Platoon are all set in Vietnam, so this was the first time I was going to watch a movie set on WWII.

Flags of Our Fathers is Clint Eastwood's view of this war, and the special episode of the island of Iwo Jima, from the point of view of American Soldiers. Soldiers who had to live their lives behind in order to fight for their country.

"Heroes are the ones who died there", say the returned soldiers from the picture of the movie poster, picture which has been taken by the government in order to financiate the war. This movie does not only bring us the suffering and things soldiers have to deal with when they find themselves away from home, but also that what happens when they returned, is not always the way they had imagined it to be.

Great movie, and a good reccommendation if this is in your war movies you haven't yet watch. I'm looking forward in seeing 2 Letters From Iwo Jima.


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