Album Review - The Allman Brother Band - At Fillmore East

The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East

I've always been quite reluctant when it comes to live albums. In theory, they fit as compilation albums, and therefore, I am forbidden to rate this with 5 stars, but the fact is, that as the band itself thought before making this album, no studio composition will ever do justice to what The Allman Brothers Band had to offer. The proof of this, lies here on this double album, expanded on the 2003 edition adding over 2 hours of brilliant musicianship.

I remember someone once told me that the guitar was such a beautiful instrument, because its curves resembled those of a woman. This person was probably talking about an acoustic guitar, but the instrument has become electric and merged into a million different shapes, yet, the beauty of the instrument is still present. As the Allman Brother Band showcases on this album, the magic of the instrument relies on its abilty to keep your pleasure and attention for long periods of time. If someone tells you an album can't be just instrumentations, he's wrong, show him At Fillmore East, where 10 minute solos managed to keep you hooked throughout the whole running time.

The album is pure brilliance, not only the guitar exchange the stage, but the rhythm never misses a beat. Just take a listen at "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed", one of the many climaxes of the album. You've got that jazzy feeling at the back and screaming guitars at front. Really, if there was one song I could make love to, it would probably be that one, in fact, if there was one album, it would be At Fillmore East.

Finally, the 2003 reissue features some nice pictures and liner notes, as well as over 1 hour of extra music which just expand the experience, but if it is your first time to this gig, you might prefer the original version tracklist.

I leave you with what is my favorite song in the album, though this is a short version, YES! An 8 minute short version.

The Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed


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