The Best Albums of All Time

It's hard to say which are the best/greatest albums of all-time. As most things in life, it is a question of taste, some people might like Van Halen III, and some might hate The Beatles collection, yet, there are some musical creations that share a common summarizing consensus, and if the number of times we see them on magazines and VH1 lists, the site has been creating a commmunity, where more than 10,000 users have rated their favorite records, and although the list keeps changing (every few weeks it gets an update), yesterday night I saw the current one, and looked back three years ago, when out of the top 100, I probably had heard 15, and now, I get close to the 80th mark. Some of them which I have heard more, and which I keep closer, but overall, such a great colelction of music made me desire to try to listen to them all. I started today, and I'm already at number 6, let's see how far I go. Usually I can't hear 6 albums in a row, but rally, when the music is such high quality, it really doesn't bother at all.

1.The Beatles - Abbey Road

The Beatles dominate the first page of the chart with 6 albums, more than any other artist. And they do for good reasons, even though I have my personal favorites, to my eyes they are the biggest and best band on music history, and all this they did on 7 years of recording. When hearing this, I thought I agreed in calling this the best Beatles album, not because it's their last one, but because it quite represents their whole musical catalogue better than any other studio recording.

2. The Beatles - Revolver

Unsurprisingly, the second Beatles entry is also the second entry on the list, and this time with another of their greatest achievements, which as a whole, even manages to save songs such Yellow Submarine and Doctor Robert. For me, Revolver is probably their highest point in terms of songwriting, although the production techniques in Sgt. Peppers will end up setting that up to match this one. After listening to closer Tomorrow Never Knows, I concluded that the best Beatles album, is the one being played at that moment. That's how great they are.

3. Radiohead - OK Computer

Reviewing Ok Computer was quite fun, specially cause I got to read my first entry when I first jpined rateyourmusic three years ago. It was an immature, stupid, bad written and utterly nonsense review, which I am glad to think I have improved over the years. However, it was caused by the emotion this album produced in me, and still does. Although more than ten years old, OKC still sounds as if it could have been made yesterday, not like anything has been better than this over this years.

4. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico

The only thing I hate about this album, is having to write the complete name of the band, and then again the same + Nico, when I talk about it, however, that + Nico is a very important part of the album. Without the German singer, it is possible, that although a great singer on his own, the album wouldn't have worked with just Lou Reed. I like to cite a quote about this album which went something like this: "Back in the 60s not many people bought this record, but those who did, started a band".

5. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

In order to not bore anybody to death, I'll leave it up to DSOTM for today's entry, but this project is really exciting me about all the good music that has been made over the years, and to me, this is the best. DSOTM sits top spot for me as my favorite album of all time. The things it adresses, and the music quality and the atmosphere, and the whole album rally, just make it something more, a musical experience.


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