Album Review - Weezer - Pinkerton

Weezer - Pinkerton

I believe it was from Finulanu I heard a couple of weeks ago, how hard it is to review an album you really like. I can look back to the reviews I made about them when I first joined the site and was 15, and I would be totally ashamed about them, but I leave them there, with the excuse that just a new one can replace them. I never really tried making a review for Pinkerton, which is for a fact one of my favorite albums, probably just below DSOTM. Why do I hold it so high? Well, mainly because I used to think I was somehow part of this band, though back when this album came out I was just 5 years old, and probably none of my experiences relating me to the first two Weezer albums had yet to occur.

Why have I decided to review it now then? Well, not only has this been my last purchase, and my self-given Christmas gift and an album I've searched around the world (US, Costa Rica, Estonia), but because just yesterday I felt once again being part of one of the songs, and this time, one less likely to happen. Not the pessimism of "Why Bother?", the false feeling of being good after a bad experience with "The Good Life", but as I said before, one most unlikely. "Pink Triangle"... "I'm dumb, she's a lesbian" kept ringing in my head, after taking a look a the facebook of a girl I had been flirting with these days. It all seemed to have being working fine, but after a stalker job of scrobbling through her pictures, they painted me a really different picture of her. Last week she acted like the girl next door, which I guess I find attractive, but pictures of girl kissing, half-naked pics with other girls and two of girls smiling while resting on her breasts make me think otherwise. Well, actually she had never denied me her alcohol fondness, which is clearly a main cause of the what the pics depict and anyways, I don't really think she's a lesbian though, but she's quite a crazy girl, that's why I can't get to fit the girl I spent time with last week and this other one. However different it might look, I can't say I dislike this new description of her, though I must admit I'm a little intimidated, not to say scared about such a girl. I'm thinking now this girl just wants sex, which might end up relating me with the opening track. Another reason I decided to review this, or in better words, to share such a personal experience, it's because I've been reading some random reviews, and it is always nice to read about these kind of experiences, though I might consider changing my nickname for something less straightforward.

It probably shouldn't need to do it, but I'll talk a little about the music. I remember first time I heard this I mistakenly heard each song two times, and was not bothered by it. I can understand the negative review given by RS, mainly cause this is much noisier and well, heavier, than their debut. But contrary to the magazine's opinion, this just makes it better. Tired of Sex opens with a noisy racket and a Cuomo scream, that rolls it off, after that you'll face 9 incredible tracks about weird love relationships, which in some weird ways are not hard to relate to. It used to come naturally to Cuomo's head, on their later records, he was already aiming to repeat this, with not very good results. Therefore, the main reason why I like this, is not only the relation I find with my past experiences, but also the catchiness, pesimistic happiness, sing alonginess (I can sing along to the whole album and end up with a dried mouth and sore throat when it finishes), replay value, and well, as I said on my Blue album review, Weezer makes me feel like a loser, and be happy with it.

Finally, I would like to add this song, which also reminds me of this girl, cause the last night we were together, and the dinning place was quite cold (or was it not), but I was shaking, that I thought out loud "I'm shaking at your touch, I like you way too much" while I touched her feet with mine. Lol, I'm funny.

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