The Best Albums of All-Time Part 3

I had said a couple of entries ago, that I would definetely cut it off with trying to make any kind of systematic entries on my blog, but what started almost as a joke, I have began to take seriously. Listening to the most I can out of this list. Getting close to the 20th, that means I've already done better than I thought, so I might just continue writing about them also:

11. The Beatles - The White Album

The White Album has also at some point in my life being subject of being called, my favorite Beatles album. The reason is simple, this is the Beatles studio album with more songs. Coming as a double album, the White Album featured a minimalistic cover, a number count printed and was the first album to include lyrics to its songs. Ok, there is some filler, specially the awful Revolution 9, but there's godl too.

12.John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

As I said before, Jazz is not my strong point nor my subject, I am just not used to it, but with this exercise, I am forced to listen to a couple of albums, and until now, I believe this might be the best, since it features excellent musical parts by different instruments, including a fabulous drum solo.

13. Charles Mingus - THe Black Saint & the Sinner Lady

This here is the first jazz album I ever got. It was a pair of years ago, and I can't say I've listened to this a lot. In fact it has sat there on my computer without being played, maybe for the first time I got it, and some long car trip I have made. Not much, or anything, I can remember from here.

14. Bob Dylan- Bringing it All Back Home

Dylan's album are filled with excellent top quality songs. Highway 61 before might be one of his greatest accomplishment with Like a Rolling Stone and Desolation Row alone.The lyrics on his first albums, specially on The Freewheeling Bob Dylan's Blowing in the Wind, led Dylan to be name the voice of a generation, when he just wished to make good music. On Bringing it All Back Home, I just feel Bob is really wanting to tell us something. I do feel there is more than just poetic metaphors on these songs.

15. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV

Stairway to Heaven alone could make a classic album, and when you add to that 7 more tracks, just as rocky and epic, and with less airplay on radio music history, how can you not have an album worth of praise? That's exactly what Led Zep deliver here, the highest point of their career.


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