Movie Review - 25th Hour

Im not really aware about the US judicial system, but it does cal my attention the fact a drug dealer already found guilty of his crime is left with some additional days of freedom.
I had previously watched “American History X” and loved it, therefore “25th Hour” was recommended to me. Not only because both of them feature great performances by Edward Norton, whom by now has a place in the list of my favorite actors, but also because of the subject dealt. Both movies share the topic of crime, how a character is involved and how he regrets of his doings, when its already too late.
25th Hour introduces us to Monty (Norton), a drug dealer that even though has already been found guilty is left to turn himself to jail in the period of three days. Apart from the scary future destined to pretty boys in jail, as the own movies says, Monty needs to deal with the apparent fact that his girlfriend (Rosario Dawson) was the one who exposed him.
Apart from this main story, the movie enriches itself with the appearances of Monty’s longtime friends, Jacob (Phillip Seymour-Hoffman) and Frank (Barry Pepper). Even though their relationships have deteriorated since Monty got into the business, he still acknowledges them as his best friends. Specially to note is Hoffman’s character, who is a teacher whom has fallen in love with one of his students (Anna Paquin).
The movie deals on how the friends blame themselves on not trying too hard to keep their friend off the wrong track and how her girlfriend stopped trying to help after enjoying the economical benefits the business meant.
Even though the movie is slow-paced, it features good acting, good cinematography and great dialogues. The movie does have some flaws, like some unclear flashbacks, some loose ends and the slow pace which might bore someone who wasn’t caught by the first half hour of the film.
Its not an essential movie, but if you happen to intercept it on cable TV or it happens to be on your video rental, then, I would suggest you watch it.


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