Album Review - Chinese Democracy

Pues como saben, Chinese Democracy por fin vio la luz del dia. Todos los que querian un Dr. Pepper gratis tenian que visitar esta pagina . Al momento de escribir este post, solo tienen 27 minutos para reclamar su cupon. Asi que dudo mucho que logren hacerlo.
De cualquier manera, Chinese Democracy ya llego a las tiendas y tambien a las tiendas no tan legales del internet. Pero para aquellos que les gusta seguir la ley al pie de esta misma, pueden oir este disco por medio del MySpace de la banda.

Pues resulta que yo ya lo oi, y aunq mucha gente esperaba mucho, yo en cambio esperaba poco, por lo cual el disco batio mis expectativas. Los criticos estan siendo algo duros con este disco, por lo cual me propuse crear mi propia review. Ojala y sea de su agrado:

Rome was not built in a day, some people say. In fact, it took centuries and hundreds of sweaty workers in order to get Rome to the elevated position it holds on history of humanity. Michael Angelo Buonarotti, the Italian Renaissance painter took 4 hard years of work in order to paint the ceiling of the Sixtine Chapel. Therefore I must say I understand the RYMers who have sentenced "Chinese Democracy" with an awful 0.5 stars (come on, leave that to Pitchfork!!). With 15 years in the oven, one should expect nothing less than a flawless, or lets say almost flawless album. Chinese democracy is nowhere near it.
But I should add, that tagging myself as a "serious" reviewer, I am not able to share this judgement. I have jsut heard the album on MySpace, since I'm not interested enough to even download it. I believe that in even though, as I have stated before, the album is far from perfect, I believe its perfectably listenable and have rated it with 3 stars. Further listenings will determine if this rating should either go up, down, or stay the same.
Axl's voice sounds as good as back in the early 90s (in case you consider that voice good). The songs are quite listenable and in my opinion, not boring, though some include some cheesy piano parts and none include a memorable instrumental sequence. My favorite song out of here is "Shackler's Revenge".
I must finally add I'm not a Guns N Roses fan. I believe Appettite for Destruction was a great album and even feel connected with the Use Your Illusions single ballads. I should end this review by suggesting you to give a full listen to this album and judge afterwards. Don't be misguided by the negative reviews, and most important, listen to this as if hearing an album by a new band. Forget this is finally Chinese Democracy and that 15 years in the making is equal to a masterpiece. Remember that to greater expectations, greater dissappointments. Its clear to me Chinese Democracy won't be featured in "Sid Meir's Civilization L" a hundred years from now.


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