Movie Review - Being John Malkovich

Been John Malkovich catches your attention since the moment you read its title. It is a strange title for a movie, and even more when you, like the characters in the movie, have heard the name of the actor but are not able to name any of his movies.
If you consider the title to be kind of original, wait until you read the plot. --- (John Cusack) is a failed street puppeteer, married to --- (Cameron Diaz, Yes its her!!) , an animal loving woman.
--- realizes he cannot make a living out of his work and decides to work at - - -, as a filer. The peculiarity of this office is it is located on the floor seven and a half. Here he meets - - -, his boss, and - - - (Catherine Keener), the latter with whom he happens to fall in love, but is not corresponded.
Things start getting even weirder (at least for us, since the characters seem to take it lightly) when - - - discovers a secret door that leads into John Malkovich’s head, lets you live thorugh his point of view and then throws you out to a road outside of Jersey. - - - is amazed by his experience and decides to set up an afterwork business, where people pay $200 for being John Malkovich. - - - becomes his business partner, but is also having plans of her won. This is an amazing movie for me to spoil since it shows you scenarios you would have never thought about, without leaving you confused at what is happening.
The movie’s main attraction is its originality, since I can’t think of a similar movie (maybe Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, by the same screenplayer), plus its cast is really good and it gives you the chance to know and watch a little about an untypical form of art like puppetry.


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