Movie Review - North Country

I live in a Central America country called Honduras. In here, as in any country around the world, there exists the idea of masculism, or the idea that men are superior to women. My father gives a course on which he advices men living in the rural area of the country that this idea taught to them since childhood is wrong.

A dynamic way to give the course is showing them a movie about the topic being dealt. This not only catches their attention, but it makes them relate situations and characters on the movie with some in real life, in order to find solutions to these problems. Director Niki Caro has proved to be a good storyteller on this field. 2002 "Whale Rider" gave us a more family aimed fantasy film, but this time, Caro takes a real life story about the sexual harassment women working on an iron mine had to live through. The story centers on Academy Award nominated character Josey Aimes, played by Charlize Theron. Josey's situation is quite more serious since she is the new meat on the mine, and also has to deal with problems in her family, specially with her teenage son, who dislikes the idea of Josey's new boyfriend. Josey plans suing the company for negligence, but her co-workers fear what will be their outcome if they lose the trial, and neglect to support her on her mission to establish reasonable working conditions on the mine. The movie keeps your attention throughout its whole running time, giving a story of how one woman can stand against the whole society we live in.


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