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Well, 2010, despite its youngness, it has already brought a couple of casualities in the music world, with indie musician Jay Reatard probably being the most remarkable, other ones include Al Green producer and The Birthday Party. However, none of thsi was shocking for me, since really none of them which caught my attention this year, but a news I received from a friend, about a guy whom I really never met, however I saw him constantly since we shared school for 3 years. Not only his young age surprised me, but the fact that he decided to take his owm life.

Just some days before this unfortunate event, I remember having joked with some friends, that if I died, than I wanted people to leave my facebook so others could come and comment how much they missed me, all these in a sarcastic tone way, however jokingly sarcastic it was, this proved to be just like taht or worse, when on the facebook feedback I read some really disturbing comments on a video about him. Phrases like "Men, if you had problems you should have told me", "I never told you how much of a good friend you were when you were alive" or the most disturbing "I now you will read this where you go", which just brings me to the second point of the discussion. The point where all his friends assume he went to heaven, when according to what he did and to what I have learned, he is probably not. I'm not religious, don't actually believe in any supreme life form, but it is curious the way they think about it. I guess that is the correct way to seen, nobody wants or really even thinks about their dead ones going to hell, a message like "well, I hope it isn't as bad as they paint it" might not be as recomforting as a "he is in a better place". As for me, this are more sociological observations more than religious. I'm very even sad to a point that this person had to take that decision, and an event of this nature, just gets me into thinking about life, the universe and everygthing else.

As for now, I live you with a song R.E.M. made for people who find themselves in trouble situations, though unfortunately it has now become a "break with your lover" song. It might not be the correct place for this remark, but we always thought with my brother, after knowing that same album's Man on the Moon, was the last song Kurt Cobain ever heard, we couldn't helped expressed how he had chosen the incorrect track.

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts .mp3
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