Stupidity Everywhere

I'm so sorry to have to accept that lately my days have been filled by stupidity, from the stupid rules at the place where I'm living (rules which nobody told me about), a guy stealing "my" beer (not all was mine), and an idiot who is watching some stupid finnish show at full volume. Ville, if you read this, lower down the volume please! Fuck, you are not... (this is an example of finnish communication anyways). But really, what really dropped my glass and unleashed in uncontrollable fury, well, actually I'm exagerating. I just happend to hit the TV screen where the picture of Boberto Goriletti appeared. Yep, it was not his picture what really bothered me, I try not to see them, but it was more the news that was accompanying the picture which really bothered me.

I have been trying to avoid getting to political here on my blog, in regards to what happend in my country in June last year, but the fact that now the pseudo congress is deciding to give life salary to Micheletti and his family with full bodyguard included is JUST TOO MUCH. I've clearly seeing everything right now, and the same assholes are gonna be there for the next four years... Really, it is just too much, it kind of makes me comprehend the extremists ideas of just getting rid of all the trash, but well... that's my country...

I live you with a song that I think was made for these moments when you are just feeling angry:

R.A.T.M. - Killing In The Name Of .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Check these anti-coup cartoon (in spanish)


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