W-E A-R-E T-H-E R-O-B-O-T-S-!

If there is people out there, who are expecting me to post things about my life in Finland, well, that's not happening for the moment. Not much happening these days, nothing has happend to the extend I've been feeling a little depressed (maybe that's why I've been writing so much these days), but I don't want to get into that at the moment, cause I actually feel good after having to give chemistry class today, reminded me I'm here for a reason.
Anyways, back on the entries topic. Before coming to Finland, I thought about getting my year supply of albums, I went for some bands I didn't know much about. Among those records I got were the now loved Belle & Sebastian's "If You're Feeling Sinister", Deep Purple's rocking "Machine Head" and Santana's "Abraxas", the last one which I only owned in vinyl format. I'm still to hear some of them, like Buzzcock's "Another Music in Different Kitchen" or Wire's "Pink Flag". But today I'm going to talk about one that I have already heard, and which I instantly loved.
It's not really hard to fall in love with Kraftwerk. Four German dudes whom everywhere you look for, you'll read their name along the phrase "ahead of their time", and this is simply undebatable. If you have also been commiting the sin of nothing hearing them properly, then I reccomend "The Man Machine", from 1978, which along Autobahn, Trans Europe Express and Computer World are considered to be classics and cornerstones of what we know today, 30 years later as electronic music.
Kraftwerk had few peers, and that was very likely because most bands would have feared going into the fields Kraftwerk were aiming, and just considering them as geeks going nowhere.
I believe the whole record is great, and each song has its memorable hook, but if I had to choose some tracks as standouts, it would be "Spacelab", which features what to me, is The Legend of Zelda's main riff, and the robots, which is Krafkwerk's weird experimental sound, at top pop perfection. And it is precisely that song which I would like to share with you today, but hey, the sound has been greatly, really i mean it, greatly improved on last year catalogue reissue. Anyways here's a video of the song, which includes some live-footage of the much loved Kraftwerk robots. 30 years from their heyday, their concerts are still claimed to be the top live music experiences out there. Unfortunately I miss them went they came to Helsinki, i might even had paid the expensive costs of travel

Kraftwerk - The Model (Das Model)


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