Vampire Weekend - Contra

I remember back in 2008, around April or May, the biggest hype on the internet was Vampire Weekend. The guys from New York, had a nice prep school dressing style, took their name from some old terror movie and had short and catchy songs, which were best represented by the lead single A-Punk. Then they were on David Letterman and even on Saturday Night Live, by then, I had already heard the album and had quite enjoyed it. It ended up on my top 10 of the year, and I will lie if I say I wasn't looking forward for this their sophomore release, which at many times tells if the band will fail or succeed.

Since the first songs emerged on the internet, I mean Horchata, the album seemed to promised being as good as the one before. Cousins kept it quite well, and had a nice video to accompany it. Now, the boys have finally released the full album through their Myspace, and my opinion is quite divided. This is not revolutionary, first album wasn't either. There are some new experiments under trial but the essence is kept the same. The catchy riffs are still there, the vocalizations, specially Ezra Koenig's are still there, the standouts like Cousins are still there, but somehow, this just doesn't do it anymore. It might be like a joke turned old, or maybe some tracks are just not memorable at all, or maybe if I hear the debut, which I haven't done in a while, I will not like it as much. As a summary, the album is quite nice and listenable, but not much else. Where I would have reccomended their eponymous release, I wouldn't give much talk to Contra.

Vampire Weekend - Cousins


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