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Café Tacvba - Re

Sorry I haven't been able to write these days, but I have been kept entertained, so, just for the moment, I'll share with you some album reviews I have made for another website:

As you might have read on my review about Aura, I had planned to submit Re as my album of the week beforehand, considering it to be a safe card, meaning that the majority would like it or at least find it interesting. I ended up choosing CMX's album, but AotW is not gonna miss Re, because dmpulp has gladly offered it to the other range of non-Spanish speakers to listen to. As a consensus, I believe most of the Spanish speaking users would agree that CafeTa, if not the best band in our language, is definitely on the elite, and Re, being its highest point.

Obviously, the greatest achievement of this album was the sound they achieved by mixing traditional and popular mexican rythms, with, well, rock. I've heard on TV they call them the Latin Beatles, and that could be accurate, but as Ezreal noted, if this album has to be compared to something else, it should be London Calling, for its great diversity of sound, from the Norteña/Ranchera anthem of love spite of La Ingrata, to the drum beating of El Borrego, the funniest track on the album, boleros with Esa Noche or the cumbia from El Puñal y El Corazon, just to name a few examples of songs that don't have much in common, however, somehow, it is all kept on the same context, something that could just be accomplished throughout its long running time and twenty songs. And the fact is that none of this songs acts as filler.

Its unfortunate however that non-Spanish speakers might not be familiar with the sounds used here, or that they are mixing clever, sometimes funny lyrics like the beforementioned El Borrego, the anti-migration of La Negrita o El Metro, which takes a little bit of another of Latin America's treasures to the world, magical realism. I can definetely comprehend that non-Spanish speakers are not as caught into this, but for most of us, this is our Revolver, Abbey Road, Ok Computer, this is simply 5 solid gold stars.

Cafe Tacuba - La Ingrata

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