Album Review - Neil Young - On the Beach

Sorry for not writing new entries, I've been quite busy this weeekend, I'll try to keep them coming through the week. For now I just leave you with my review for another great Neil Young album:

Neil Young - On the Beach

Three classic albums into Neil Young's career and still no let down. Where "After the Goldrush" attacked us with unforgiveable melancholy, and "Harvest" had a more optimistic approach, "On the Beach" brings also a sense of melancholy, one that is lyrically filled by reflexive, moody songs, which musically, are filled by desolate sounding guitars and gap filling bass. Neil's voice doesn't go to any difficult ranges, but it really doesn't need to.

"Walk On" is a nice introduction into what we are about to experience, specially on the album's highlight, the melancholy-filled "See the Sky About to Rain", and in a similar way, the title track. Some other fans might also add "Ambulance Blues" into the highlight, though the fact is the whole album is pretty consistent.

Calling Neil's albums too sad to listen to, is a commonly made mistake. I hope you are not foolish enough, for these stupid thoughts to lead you into missing one of the greatest, if not the greatest, singer songwriter this world has ever witness.

- See the Sky about to Rain .mp3
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