Language Switch

As I have always said, it is rally hard for me to know who my audience really is. I'm not sure who are the people who read this blog. I find it hard to believe it is my friends, since their reading attention span is probably around a paragraph long, plus sometimes I concentrate too much on music, that maybe it is just intended for people who happend to search a band name on google and got to my blog, or people who found it through the embedded youtube videos.

Anyways, as you might have noticed, I've decided to change the language from English to Spanish, since I know some of my foreign freinds I've met on the last months might be a little bit more interested in what I have to say, mostly because, I believe, in my country there is no blog, or blog reading culture. So not thinking so much about my audience, Iĺl just keep on writing and hoping someone will catch it, plus most of my friends who speak spanish, will probably understand english as well.


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