After Christmas, Before New Year

I was about to tell Soili, my boss/co-worker, that I didn't want to stay in Savonlinna, cause I didn't feel like invading Micha's family visit. However, I stopped when I realized I was not invading my Swiss friend's family, but her own family. But if you have to chose between invading a family in a foreign, who's visiting his son, whom they haven't seeing for 6 months, or a family of the coutnry where you have been living and share with them certain "Finnish traditions", then I'll go for the latter.

I believe I certainly took the correct choice, since I got to meet nice people, practice my Finnish, and do some activities I wouldn't have thought I'll be doing a couple of months ago. Sauna's, snowmobile driving, or ice fishing were some of the nice things I did on this period, and I also got to know the city of Joensuu, which is home to one of the biggest Universities in the country, and pretty much, nothing else. It's true, at times it felt kind of weird, when I just got lost in finnish spoken conversations, or when realizing i was not invading Soili's family, but her brother's family, whom I didn't know some days ago. Anyways, I was completely glad I spent it around here, and now prepare for the New Year's Eve, when I probably won't do anything but watch some fireworks. . . Yeah!


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