Album Review - Spoon - Transference

Spoon - Transference

At first, it was hard for me to give a full listen to Spoon's Transference because I've been quite busy. Had I been listening to Astral Weeks, Dark Side of the Moon, Pinkerton or any of my favorite albums, I would have left whatever task I had for later, but Transference did not motivate me enough to put in on my iPod and take it wherever I went. The fact is that Spoon is mostly a "songs" band, as opposed to an album band. They create a catchy riff, give it a nice rhythm, and do a series of mostly incohessive songs. This year, the band Sufer Blood had released the not much different Astro Coast before Spoon, but Spoon's long career of making good songs, made this album something I wanted to listen to.

I'm not dissappointed, although if analyzed song-by-song, 2007s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was superior, Transference contains a set of eleven songs which are entertaining, varied and why not, catchy. The album's standout is The Mystery Zone, a song which encompasses the lazy feeling shown throughout the album, and on the album cover itself. See that guy in that sofa? Because that's the way you want to listen to this album, without being bothered, because any semi-important thing you need to do will force you to stop it.

Spoon - Written in Reverse


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