Okay, I tried Phish

Not so much a while ago, that I decided to stop eating meat, however, some circumstances have brought me to awaraly and unawarely taste some meat over the past few days. A roll which claimed to be on the vegetarian foods, and which I even asked if it contained meat, next day, whatever was left had a picture of a rooster on it. Then I intentionally broke my diet by tasting some cookie dip which contained sausage, though the quantity was milligrammic. Last ocasion was last week, when there was nothing to eat but sausage soup, or soup with sausage, therefore I tried to remove it and just drink the soup with the vegetables, however, I went on to research, and apparently, the broth, whatever that is, is already in the soup, and therefore it counts as meat eating. During this research, I also happened to find out that the healthiest "vegetarian" food includes fish, so I have been contemplating adding it on my diet. TOday I did so. I just happened to feel like I wanted some of those awful fish sticks they make here at my place, and I did, I don't regret so really.

According to the dictionary, I have now become a Pescetarian, like Ben Gibbard and Steve Jobs. Actually, a friend of mine, whom in a way influenced me into becoming a vegetarian (pescetarian, whatever), followed such a diet, which got us into discussion, another vegie friend claiming fish are killed in more cruel ways and numbers than cows or chickens, dunno how could this be, but anyways, I realize I don't really have much ethical problems with meat eating, well, some, poor cows, think about one of them being violently slaughther just to satisfy your hunger. Awful right? Now the think how much more cows suffer the same. But well, my main reason is health reasons, not that I have any health problem, but if I can, then why not do it?

Therefore, I leave you with a band which is known by the same name; well, kind of, and which chorus' main line just happens to remind me about something else. "I never ever saw the northern lights" the singer says, and just happens to remind me that I was in Finland for a year and was never able to see them, since I would have needed to travel yet a littler northier, and apparently they only come out in winter. I wonder would be my next chance of seeing them, if ever, at least this song reminds me I'm not alone.

Phish - Farmhouse


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