RIP Alex Chilton

Yesterday night I thought I would feel guilty if I went to sleep without having paying tribute to the deceased Alex Chilton on my blog, however I finished watching Matchpoint around 1 in the morning, so turning on the computer wouldn't have been a smart decision. Anyways, even though I did felt a little sad and surprised when reading the news, Alex was 59, the fact is that Big Star has never been one of my bands. Due to reccomendations from my head site RYM, is that I got into adquiring their album Third/ Sister Lovers. I won't lie, I did try listening to this, and the fact is that it seemed to me way too depressing, to not call it boring. I have tried multiple times and I just haven't been able to digest it, however, I guess Alex's death will force me into not only giving another try to this, but also checking out some of their earlier discography (#1 Record & Radio City). Just last year, Big Star released a very well received compilation, which is available on Spotify, and might as well be a better starting point than on Big Star's third album.

However, in order to make a tribute to him, I would like to share with you the only Big Star song which takes some memory space inside my head. Listen and you will understand what I mean:

Big Star - Blue Moon .mp3
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I would also like to share a song which, no doubt you will be listening often during this week, it is by one of my favorite ones, Minnessotta's own The Replacements. Back in 1987, the band released this tribute song to their idol on the album Please to Meet Me:

The Replacements - Alex Chilton .mp3
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