Why so Serious?

Just a couple of days ago, that I without looking to do it, gathered everyone around the house, to watch what has being one of the best and most popular movies of recent years. I'm talking about The Dark Knight. Already in 2005's Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan was giving us a sign of the direction the Batman frnachise was going to, however this release burst all expectations, being packed with surprises, and of course, a show stealing support performance by Heath Ledger as the joker. Some might say his death months before the movie release benefitted the movie's critics and commercial success, however, I can't think of a more damaging situation than Heath's death.
When Batman finally catches the joker, saves him from dying, and his him upside down, many levels above the floor, Joker explains: "You will never kill me, and would never kill you, because we complete each other, and are destined to be in this forever". In fact, Nolan planned to go with the Joker as main villain for the next Batman movie, however, this is all now impossible, since this character cannot receive the Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenghaal treatment.
So, now I am forced to reveal to the world a theory developed mainly by my brother, just after coming out of the theather for the second time. It started as a joke (okay, we actually don't believe this, but it would be great). So yes, this is another conspiracy theory, a conspiracy which can only be the creation of a mind like Nolan, and which would be remebered as one of the greatest stunts in entertainment history. Picture this: New Batman movie trailers portray the movie to run around another villan (let's say, The Riddler), you go to the movie theather expecting there to be a good story, however one forced to be let down due to Heath's ausence, however, halfway between the movie, he makes his appearance! Heath didn't really die, it was just a publicity stunt, and I would like to see the look on your faces the moment you see him on the screen.
Just think about it, it would be mind-blowing, however, that's very unlikely to have happened, so remember the joker with this song about another clown:

The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown


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