Album Review - Gorillaz- Plastic Beach

It must have been around the beginning of the last decade. I was no more than 12 and I remember I went to sleep to a friend's house. It was the second time I slept on his house, and last time we had had a great time, singing along with my newly bought Hybrid Theory album. This time, I had also brought my latest acquisition, Gorillaz first album. I remember this because his mother said she liked that band, although I believe she meant this:

Probably that sleep over was not as memorable, since somehow I remember most of the songs on Hybrid Theory, still keep the album, and can even sing along to most of the songs, while Gorillaz I remember not else but the singles. In fact, I don't know what on earth happened to that album, and sincerely, I don't really care. Than came Demon Days, and I actually had a pair of friends who were fond of the album, however it took me time to even like the great singles "Feel Good Inc." and "Dare".

I guess that Gorillaz have pretty much changed in my view, from my cartoon loving preteen years to a reasonless dislike I later developed, and then to normality, after learning a once Blur member was behind the project. However, Plastic Beach has placed the band/project on my positive half. This is the most dance Gorillaz I've heard (out of pure single knowledge ), and it is the first time I recognize or actually know the guest stars. Plastic Beach makes a success in transporting us to another planet, the one Snoop Dogg introduces as The World of the Plastic Beach, filled with catchy electronic beats, and many different voices, which give their own identity to the album. Lead single Stylo is up with their best prior efforts. but my favorite tracks are the "ballads" On Melancholy Hill and Broken, which come on the ending half, making sure the whole album never gets boring, and even apparently stupid tracks like Superfast Jellyfish work on this frame.

Still, for some reason I still don't care where my debut Gorillaz disc might be, and I'm not even that interest to listen to their previous works (Demon Days maybe). I like to think about Gorillaz, not on their past, but on their future.

Gorillaz - Stylo


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