The Best Albums of All-Time Part 10

To keep the momentum, I'll just start:

46. David Bowie - Hunky Dory

I could very well say that through repeated listens, I have very well studied the Ziggy Stardust album, however, Hunky Dory is one I seldom listen to, except of course for the track selected, in any other way, I consider Hunky DOry to be a tribute album, where Bowie pays tribute to those from Dylan to Warhol.

47. Wu Tang-Clan - Enter the Wu Tang (36 CHambers)

As well as with Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop is not a genre I can talk much about, it is not my favorite, nor do I listen to it oftenly, so when hearing this, it just misses the point where I read it should be hitting. It's entertaining I will say, specially for me, the dialogue parts, and actually I can see the difference between this and the more commercial outputs on the media.

48. THe Stooges - Fun House

This is anothe album, which I for some reason have been keeping away for a while, not that I have any reason for it, but although I would need something more than one listen to give it a rating, I would say it is a controlled chaos.

49. Love - Forever Changes

THe most psychodelic of the pop bands, the most artsy and folk of the psychodelic bands, Love really remain in some position of their own in music history. THis album blends the pop sensibility of the 1960s, with some nice experimentation with trumpets and mexican sounds

50. THe Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed

This would be one of the contenders for my favorite Stones album, had it lacked that awful song in the middle where nothing happens. Actually the songs in between are pretty average, or maybe it's just because of the opener and the closer being two of the best Stones tracks.


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