Album Review - Broder Daniel - Forever

Broder Daniel - Forever
It was pretty obvious to think, since the first week this project broke out, that in the weeks that went by, less and less people will be active on the project, posting and reviewing. I would have wish that eraserbrain would've being assigned for the first week. My suggestion of Aura failed to produce much positive response, as well did the selections of the weeks to come. The selection of Forever for week 10, can't help but make me think, that if this doesn't get an overall positive response, than nothing posted here ever will.

First of all, Forever is an album of "feeling" over musical quality. The production is poor, the singer's vocals are bad and there's a lot of recycling on the songwriting. However, there's something else to this album, and I believe that is "feeling", there is a sense of hard-work, perseverance, a wish to get things right and why not, beauty on the delivery of these songs. The album is noisy, came a little out of time, the end of the 90s. The influences are notable, at best sounding like R.E.M.. Another clear influence is The Jesus & Mary Chain's Psychocandy, which is not exactly my kind of candy, yet, in "Forever" there's something else to it, something I can't quite explain, a certain relation the band instantly formed with me, and which remained, even when I notice the flaws everybody else will complain about.

It's a shame that Broder Daniel never made it out of Sweden, few labels would have taken the risk of taking over this band internationally. Yet, in a way, that a was a good thing, without the unclear production and their un-success story, this might not work as well.

Broder Daniel - Happy People Never Fantasize


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