The Best Albums of All-Time Part 8

I am starting to read the meaninglessness of my comments on each album, and how many of these works need repeated listens in order to be fully appreciated, however, I will still cling to my project as far as I can:

36. Leonard Cohen - The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Better known, or should I say, better unknown as the original author of Hallelujah, a song which has been covered by Jeff Buckley and others, Leonard demonstrates that he is more than one great song, giving us plenty of melancholy for us to delight on this album.

37. Talking Heads - Remain in the Light

If there is one band to have dominated my mind for this last few weeks, it most have been the Talking Heads. Although I own two of their albums, I didn't really appreciated fully this band until I heard this record again with this project. My first 5 stars re/discovery.

38. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

Tom Waits is more about the lyrics, a friend told me just the other day, I guess she was right, but the quality of sounds on this album seems to tell there's more to this guy than just bohemian babbling.

39. The Kinks - The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society

Another of the great albums, which for some reason have managed to escape my usual disc rotation. This makes you question why they are regarded as the fourth band of the British Invasion.

40. The Who - Who's Next

I remember playing Rock Band, it was actualy the first time I did, and hell I remember this song gave my more experienced friends and me a little bit of a headache, special when we lost with less than a minute to go.


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