Pues recientemente me he unido a esta pagina en la que relacionan la musica con relatos de la vida de los usuarios. Aca puedes hablar sobre como "Suspicious Minds" te hizo llorar o sobre como destruiste tu cuarto mientras oias "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Aparte de este atractivo, la pagina ofrece opciones como crear listas de diversos temas musicales, articulos publicados por los autores de la pagina, concursos y unos juegos muy entretenidos. A proposito, si en caso decidiense unirse recuerden decir que fue Diego21 quien les recomendo esta pagina.
Pues recientemente hice un post sobre la cancion, en esa pagina, mas popular del 2007, y puesto que ya recibi un comentario al respecto, me gustaria compartirla con ustedes. (esta en ingles...):

So as we played one of those love-date related gameboards, I happened to drew out a random card. This 5x10 cm cardboard piece showed me the name of the game in multi-colored letters, but on the other side, the interviewer was about to read the question that had been typed by the evil minds that made this game. "What is the sylliest thing you've done for a girl?".

After reading my answer for such a subtle question you might believed I was not at all in such a tight position. In fact I've never screamed "I love you!!!" on a full cinema or I haven't declare myself on a basketball game, and thus, so far, my plans of placing a banner near her house have just managed to stay as such; plans. Plus this "silly" things might be just considered lovable to those they are aimed to.

Probably because it was such a stupid question to be breaking my head through the touring of my past or because in fact, the most silly thing I've done for a girl is sing this song through the telephone. Me & Andrea always loved when a new cool duo song came out, specially if these were between a men and a women. Even though Akon's tone might be quite painstaking to reach, I started to manage it and we were well into the second minute of the song, when my brother came and told me to shut up. I guess I just didn't consider it to be around 11 in the night.


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