Reseña de Disco: Psychocandy

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy

A pesar de que este disco no ha sido de mi total agrado, he quedado muy satisfecho con la reseña que escribi para mi pagina de musica, que he decido compartirla aca, con un videito:

It was back on the early eighties, when brothers Jim and William Reid had an ambition, as many other youngsters of the Post-Beatles generations, to have their own band. They looked around the music scene, realised guitars were missing on the airwaves, and after playing gigs by pretending to be the opening act and going through a series of name changes, until settling down with a corn flakes Catholic prize item, which they pretended to have taken out of an old Bing Crosby movie, The Jesus and Mary Chain were signed to Creation records when working at a soundtest prior to a concert.

Psychocandy turned out to be their first full length effort. The result? The missing link between punk and shoegaze, all in a 3 minutes pop environment. With a punk attitude which got them called "the new Sex Pistols", complete with fights against the audience and stage destruction, the Jesus and Mary Chain's charm laid on its ferocious noise layer which sets the decibel bar at the highset possible, and which one forgotten write once accurately compared with "a chainsaw in a hurricane" (listen to "In a Hole" to know what I mean). However loud they were, they still had their commecial appeal, with an average track length of 3 minutes and with lyrics dealing with car crashes and crashing relationships with honey drenched girls or the knife in the head of Cindy. Young could have easily related with the teenage angst lyrics a little more, if they just wouldn't have their minds on wether their ears will bleed or not after a full listening.

I made my research before writing this review, but I still can't say I completely enjoy this album, for even though this amazingly preceeds "Daydream Nation" by 3 years, it is still a too primitive and, well, noisy Noise pop/rock.

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