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Okay, bueno, ya que llevo 5 días sin postear nada, voy a tomarme la libertad de postear algo que está en inglés y que escribí para otra página, pero espero la mayoría puedan disfrutar. No se preocupen, seguiré escribiendo en español, está solo es para que no se aburran y me abandonen. Hehehe.

Puntuacion: 3/5

Feist - Mushaboom

A friend once asked whether or not I had albums by the Canadian artis Feist I could share with him. I told him I had a couple of songs, but that I'd never dared give a listen to a full album by her. Actually, I believe, those few songs I had were how my friend first had contact with Feist. It's actually not hard to imagine someone wanting to hear more Feist. Take her most well-known tracks, "I Feel It All", "1234" or "Mushaboom", all are sweet pop songs which can easily be pictured as being the soundtrack of HP printers' adds. Feist's voice is very loungy and relaxing, and the musical arrangements are downbeat abd quite minimalistic, but it wasn't until I started this "listening to music made by girls" project, that I decided to give Feist a listen. Had I been missing much?

As I said before, Feist's music is basically indie pop, but very loungy indie pop, a sound which I can picture being popular back in the 50's and which only resurfaced in recent years with the breakthrough of artists like Adele or Amy Winehouse. Still, the truth is that Feist is cut from a whole different tree. As soon as you push play on this record, you will understand what I mean. THe album has a strong start, with its best song coming second in. Mood and tempo don't change much, and although it's never annoying (how could it possibly be?), the album looses itself in boredom halfway through. Fortunately, things get better towards the end of the album, finishing with the other two highlight songs, Inside and Out, where Feist sings she is "the girl who loves you inside out", and you can't help but feel a little bit in love with that singing voice. Finally, Now at Last is a good closer, a very downtempo song which I can't help say it sounds like a Audrey Hepburn impersonation, a good one, but an impersonation nevertheless. I sometimes get lost thinking it's Moon River what I'm listening to.

Feist - Inside and Out

Well, I guess people like my friend, who recently got a copy of this album, will surely enjoy most of it. He doesn't take time to rate and review albums, so he's probably just gonna say he enjoys it. On the other hand, I can say that most people are not missing much by not listening to this album, you can very well stick to most-well known tracks for a taste.

Feist - Let It Die (2004)



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