Album Review - Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare

Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare

On account of this year's Humbug release and a dated reccomendation from one of my musically accolyte friends, I decided to drown into this band's young discography. Probably, the most logical point to start would have been their 2005 Mercury Prize and chart topping debut "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not", but the fact is that this was the only one available at the library, plus it contained my two favorite monkeys songs (out of the three I knew back then).

After numerous listens I was about to negatively review this record since I thought it sounded too tiresome for it to be called "the new direction of rock music", but after a Spotify listen to "Humbug" and a read through their September 2009 Mojo Magazine interview, I played the album again and surprisingly found out that the songs had such a nice flow throw them and they had finally grown on me.

The fact is the two main singles, "Brianstorm" and "Fluorescent Adolescent" are the major highlights, with the latter being on my favorite songs of the decade. but the whole album is packed with instrument driving songs, without many production techniques and with each band member being vitally important on each of the 12 songs. Guitar riffs are the main attraction, basslines are more important than on the average band's music and Alex Turner spitting and shouting out clever lyrics (I like a lot this band's lyrics) are the mix for the Arctic Monkey's so hyped about sound. It is actually nice for him to actually try to sing on the band's slower songs like "Only Ones who Know" and the brilliant "505".

Overall, the album is fairly enjoyable but I kinda feel it could have being better and less tiresome at times. Even though I'm still to listen to their debut, I may advice that might be a better start to get into the band.


Esta es mi cancion favorita del album, y el video es genial. La banda y el director lo llamaron el mejor video en años.

Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent


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