Album Review - Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue

Alice in Chains - Black Gives Way to Blue

I was one of the most sceptics about this new Alice in Chains incarnation, and after hearing the results, I have to be one of the greatest praises of this album which demonstrates that the outlook sometimes misleads us (I'm talking about William DuVall here).

I can't take some music reviews which say this is too 90s or too retro, but come on! If AiC would have changed their music style, than nobody will like it and blame it all on the new singer. In my opinion, Alice in Chains first had to returned to the point they left, prove to the fans that they are still capable of their 90s music doings, and after this album, which is side to side with any album from the band's catalog, they can start in a more daring way.

4.5 stars from one of the most promising comebacks of the decade along with Dinosaur Jr. and Portishead.


Aca el video de su ultimo single, que esta en las listas de sencillos mas vendidos, y que es una prueba de que AiC sigue vivo, una de las mejores canciones del album.


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