Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Revisited: Revolver

The Beatles - Revolver

In my review for Sgt. Peppers I explained there were other Beatles albums which I felt closer to than the latter named. In fact, my favorite Beatles album has got to be Revolver, with such favorites as "And Your Bird Can Sing", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "I'm only Sleeping" and my favorite all-time Beatles' song "For No One". The latter one, with a special significance to myself.

You might thinks this album should not be so high on the list when you notice this album includes the songs "Yellow Submarine" and "Doctor Robert". However annoyable and silly, this is exactly the way the Beatles had foreseen them, plus the sound effects on Yellow Submarine are quite great and the album as a whole covers up these songs with an aura of mysticism and psychodelia present throughout the whole running time.

The sound is more primitive, not so poduced in comparison to their next album Sgt. Peppers, though some signs of the Beatles direction can be heard on the closing track, Tomorrow Never Knows. In my opinion, Revolver marks the Beatles highest creatuve point in their careers.


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