Book Review - Lord of the Flies

I had previously heard about "Lord of the Flies" through the TV or songs, but I really had no idea what it was all about. In fact, I first bought the book and later found out it was about children on a desert island.
I thought this would be boring, and in fact, the book has a slow start, but from the middle onwards, it is fast-paced. It is even more amazing when you start interpreting the symbolism inside the boys, the island, the beast, and the hope of beign rescued.
The boys symbolize humanity itself, civilization, modern society. Some of them more experienced, older, with more responsabilities, like hunting and watching over the younger children, as well as taking decisions. Beign differences among the boys, this last assignment brings discord. A struggle for power between Ralph, the main character, a boy who's primarily objective is beign rescued, and Jack, a boy who prefers hunting and eating meat as a priority. Another important character is Piggy, a chubby, weak boy, but who is Ralph's advisor and the brain behind the society.
I know I'm not the only one who would reccomend you to read this book, since multiple sources have placed it as one of 20th century most important books. Also, it is to note it was selected by Stephen King as "The Book that Changed my Life". So don't be afraid to jump at it. It might not grab you from the start, but once you are into it, you won't let it unfinished.

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