Pink Floyd - Division Bell

Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

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"You were caught in the crossfire
of Childhood and Stardom"

This is kind of my situation about this album. By one side, critics claim this is not a good album, It has no Syd Barrett nor Roger Waters, but almost only David Gilmour. But on the other side, there are avid FLoyd fans (including a friend of mine who got me into Pink Floyd) say this is the mos underrated Pink Floyd album.
As the "Shine on your Crazy Diamonds" quote above, I am caught between this two opinions. This is the last Floyd album and indeed there's no Roger Waters who, was the main cerebrum behind classic Floyd albums, but this album does remind of classic floyd in a "Meddle" and even "Wish you Were Here" way. And also, this album is a great improvement from the last, "A Momentary Lapse of Reason".
I do miss Waters, though he gets subtlely mentioned in songs like "What do you want from me?" or "Poles Apart". So yes, this is a modern psychodelic album, since it "gets you high" but with the use of modern pedal and production effects.
As a conclusion, this is a good listen after you have heard: "DSOTM", "Wish you Were Here", "Animals", "Meddle" and "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". Ive never liked "The Wall", and in overall quality Ill place this album above this classic.

Favorite Tracks: Marooned, Keep Talking, What do you Want From Me?


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