Los Campesinos! - Hold on Now Youngster!

Los Campesinos! - Hold On Now, Youngster...

Pues ahora he empezado a escribir mis reviews en la escuela, lo cual me ha dado tiempo para mejorar la calidad d estas. Lo malo es que ahora las hare generalmente en Ingles:

Los Campesinos! indeed surprised me when i first head "You! Me! Dancing!" and "We Throw Knives, You Throw Parties" and even with "The International Tweexcore Underground". What instantly grabbed your audiophile attention of this band, was their original indie sound which you can't compare to any else.
Whomever produced them made them understand this unique sound was their highligh, too bad, they misunderstood the concept and kept the record quite similar throughout its running time.
We might really be in front of the first and maybve biggest dissapointment of 2008 since this band had been proimising a lot on its non-lp releases.
The pro's are, they kept their lyrics nice and clever, and even though their sound is similar, it still sounds fresh compared to other music in our surroundings, mainstream and indie. I just wish the best for this band and hope they can recover my respect towards them and come up with a better LP, or return to their previous EP-Single formula.

Favorite Tracks: Death to los Campesinos!, My Year in Lists, 2007 the Year Punk Broke (My Heart)


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