AC/DC - Back in Black

Back in Black. Classic, but was it worth beign inmortalized? I personally think ACDC did a great job finding someon to supply lead vocals after the sudden death of Bon Scott, but I personally consider this album is not 5 stars. I am not a great fan, but i own the album and have heard it multiple times because the sound is indeed good. but a couple of days ago shuffling the songs on my iPod, a Back in Black song appeared, before the lyrics started I tought it was Giving the Dog the Bone, then I tought it was Let me Put my Love into You, but when Brian started singing I realized it was Have a Drink on Me. Truly until the music starts you realized what song it is you are hearing. Much of the choruses are the same with Brian Johnson screaming the title name and the other memebers doing backing vocals.

Back in Black Revisited: Well although this is a revisit to this review, I've to say I still clinge to what is written above. The Reason, I have come back (in black, lol, get it?) is that I have just recently listen to it and for the first time read the booklet and watched the DVD side. Firstly, this edition is pretty good, the booklet mainly is the same content as the documentary, but completed with photographs and newspaper cutouts.
The main reason why hadn't previously heard the DVD, was cause I just couldn't get through that Aussie accent, even though I didn't fully understood all what they say, I still managed to enjoy it.
Seeing how this guys lost an important member from one day to another and how they got over it to become one of the icons of rock music, made me clinge to my band idea. This was going kind of rough since we didn't find a suitable space for the drumkit, but we'll have to keep looking.


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