World Cup Analysis Day 4: Denmark vs. Netherlands

Just the day before the match, I had set into a paper how I believed the World Cup knockout stage would go (surprises included). When I finally got to the final, just Argentina and the Netherlands remained, for a final, not unlike that one of 1978. Today, I was going to see if Netherlands could live up to my expectations, but I missed the first 30 minutes, because I was in a store deciding if I bought a 4€ Tubullar Bells vinyl or not (I didn't). So I watched the last minutes of the first half, and the second half I did watch completely. I watch as the first goal came in, and thought, what an unlucky goal. I thought the match would end that way, and watch as Dirk Kuyt placed it in the back of net. So I can't really say I didn't watch the match, but the boredom of this one was such, that I really don't have much to add, just that this was not the Netherlands who defeated with superiority the reigning champions and runner-ups on the 2008 Switzerland-Austria European Championship. However, they did have their chances, and Denmark was lucky of going back to the hotel with just two goals on their bag. The orange performance was indeed not bad, their second half specially, but when you set expectations high, you're let down easily. I'll finish with a quote my brother wrote to me "none of the matches I have seen have really satisfied me".

PLayer of the Match: I'll agree once again with's decision, by giving Inter's midfielder Wesley Sneijder the man of the match award, because he was always a threat to Sorensen's goal, and he builded up the plays and had numerous chances to score.

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