World Cup Analysis Day 3: Germany vs. Australia

A couple of favorites have played already, and have failed to impress. Had it not being for a referee's mistake on their playoff against Ireland, France might not even be on the competition, however, they are the current runner-ups and have several club figures in their line-up. Thr Gauls opening performance against Uruguay, was not the best, with the game ending up 0-0. But this is exactly how they started last World Cup, and they ended up, barely losing the final against Italy.

Diego Maradona's Argentina might have won the 3 points, but for a team bragging to have the world's number one player, Lionel Messi (among others), the 1-0 victory against Nigeria might not have looked as much, for a country seeking to add a third cup to their palmar. Finally, yesterday evening, England failed to beat the US, and have momentarily given the leadership to Slovenia. Arguably the only favorite for the title playing today, are last cup's hosts and third place, Germany, but ahead of them was an Australian team, first time qualified as part of the Asian Confederation.

During the first half, Germany was convincing. They kept threathening Mark Shwraezer's goal, taking advantage of a constantlly awful mistakes on Australia's last line, and speed and cleverness from German attackers Lukas Podolsko, Miroslav Klose and Özil had Germany two goals ahead and closer to the third, than Australia from the discount. Germany's defense also proved solid, although mistakes, like the one in the first 3 minutes, when the Socceroos were close to opening the counter, might have painted a very different match.

If Australia didn't play better on the first half, it was because the German squad didn't gave them much chance, but the kangaroos came out to the field on the second half, determined to take some points away from this game. They applied pressure on the first minutes, and it was looking like they just might achieve something, when a refeering team, which had been working fine, booking two German divers, ruined their performance (and Australia's) when Mexican judge Marco Antonio Rodriguez (Chiquidracula) gave a direct red card to Tim Cahill, for a foul which deserved a yellow at most. After this, the Australian side broke down, and two goals came from Mueller and Cacau, but they could have been more.

Player of the Match: PLayer of the match award was granted to Polish-German attacker, Lukas Podolski, who opened the score for the Germans, but I would probably go for either Özil, or Thomas Müller, both them created chances, and while Thomas Müller did score, and was not booked, making him my decision.

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