The Silence of the Lambs

For some strange reason, human beings have always enjoyed being afraid. Scream out loud, hold your partners hand or just cover your eyes and look through the gaps. This is certainly not a modern trend, it has been around since the days kids gather around the fire to hear the eldest of the tribe tell his stories of werewolves or Wendigo. Later, there was the printing press and books such as Dracula or Frankenstein appeared. But since the 20th century, humans have found another way to portrait our darkest corners inside our minds.
A reason for this nature is simple. We like to read or watch people in scary situations, but still knowing that we, as audience are kept safe from the evils portrayed.
If we are to name one character that on the late years has managed to gain a position on popular culture, it has to be Anthony Hopkins? Academy Award winning portrayal of Hannibal ?The Cannibal? Lecter.
Along with its counterpart, FBI trainee agent, Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster, these two characters are placed as #1 villain and #5 hero of all time by the American Film Institution. Also to add, that this movie is one of the only three movies to have won the five major Academy Awards for Best Actor in Leading Role, Best Actress in Leading Role, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture.
The movie is directed by Jonathan Demme and is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Harrison. It deals mainly on this two characters, and how the young agent interacts, relates and tries to understand the once psychiatrist and now psychopath, in order to find and capture another psychopath by the nickaname of ?Buffalo Bill?.
Previously to their encounters, Starling?s superiors warn her to beware of the subject and not to reveal any personal information about her, information which she needs to share in order to get clues about the whereabouts and identity of Buffalo Bill.
The movie proved to be a success and has given several sequels and prequels in order to explode the license. To me, the movie?s success and position on almost any list of the best movies, is due not only to the great performances, but its also achieved by its directing. Jonathan Demme has created a style of his own, this can be observed on the changes from third person to first person and back again, and the many first shots of faces that reveal to us the reactions of the characters.
This is a movie I would like to recommend to anyone interest in cinema, though it has some scenes not proper to the young audience.


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